Monday, 18 February 2013


Picture arrangement can either be the simplest or hardest thing you can do. The way your pictures are arranged can make your home very beautiful or totally tacky. A lot of people are of the opinion to scatter all the framed photographs and artworks they have on every wall in their space, even on the floor resting on the wall. That is not a very bright idea obviously. The best way to arrange your pictures is to give them a voice of their own. For example, imagine that you are in a photo gallery but this time only one wall shows all the pictures, people will scramble over themselves to get a look. So, instead of scattering your pictures all over the place, pick a wall and make it your focus ( your feature wall). Choose any arrangement pattern you like, as listed below and apply it. You will soon notice that your house will become a gallery because the moment people walk in, the arrangement is the magnetic force that pulls them to take a closer look. Nobody wants to be walking about just to look at your pictures and trust me you don't want them doing so either.

  • If you have kids, choose a design pattern that will keep the pictures out of their reach
  • Always strive for uniformity. You can re-frame your pictures to get this look as shown below
  • Call an expert if you simply have no idea what to do

  • Scattered in a family tree
  • Straight Horizontal line
  • Straight Vertical line
  • Diagonally
  • Big ones in the middle and Smaller ones at the sides
  • Big ones at the sides and smaller ones at the sides

Scattered family tree above

Big and small mixture above & below

Diagonally placed below

Uniformity of Frames below

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