Thursday, 25 April 2013


After spending soooo.... much time at the office, you want to come home to a more relaxing environment. A place to kick back, stretch out your legs and just fall promptly asleep. Your bedroom should be design in a way to offer you maximum relaxation at all times.

This article is going to be divided into 3 major parts
  1. Designing a kid's room
  2. Designing your nursery
  3. Designing an adult's room
  4. Designing a room shared by 2 or more persons regardless of age and gender.
The first part; designing a kid's room is going to encompass for both a single child in a room and more than 1 child sharing a room. The second and third parts will be focusing entirely on the adults, first as a single adult in a room and later as more than one adult sharing a room either as a couple, friends and roommates.

These topics promise to be very interesting so don't miss it for anything. This is your abode, you'd want to know how best to design it to get the most out of it.


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