Friday, 26 April 2013


Ordinarily, I wouldn't bother with putting this up, but after experiencing what my younger brother went through a couple of years ago and people's response in whatever way they could in trying to help, to show that they cared, this is just a bit of what i can do to help in saving the life of this young man. 

Two weeks ago, my younger sister came home late from school very upset and close to tears. When asked what the problem was? We were informed that she was just coming from the teaching hospital. As would be the normal reaction, we thought she had fallen ill, she reassured us and told us she had been in the hospital undergoing screening for possible blood donation for a friend of hers who had been rushed to the hospital earlier that day. His packed cell volume (PCV) / haematocrit about 10%.

The individual shown below is my younger sisters best friend. He is in his final year studying pharmacy in the University of Benin, Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria. Just a semester to becoming a Pharm.D and the devil decides to play a nasty joke on him. He was in the middle of his his 1st semester exams when he fell ill, presented at the hospital and was diagnosed of leukaemia, a haematological malignancy.

You may ask the question why save Vincent? Well, I just have this to say about this outstanding young man, he passionately headed an army of pharmacy students into the streets of Benin city on a mission to save Nigerian youths from losing their lives to drug abuse and dependence. His anti-drug abuse and misuse program started in the University of Benin from where its impact went around the City and beyond. This young man turned the lives of many drug abusers around, giving them reasons to dump their bad habits and preserve their lives. If he could do this much in his penultimate year, imagine what impact he would have on the society at large as a pharmacist

This is a call to all Nigerians to arise and save Vincent today. He needs N10 million for a bone marrow transplant abroad. Please don't say the amount is too much because we are about 150 million people in Nigeria and I'm pretty sure that at least 20% of this figure are working adults, this brings us to about 30 million individuals. So even if everyone of us decides to give N1 today, he will have the necessary funds to survive. However, in this case, speed is of the essence please. If you are not working yet, don't also say you can't help, your prayers are also important to him. Thanks for your anticipated support and God bless.

Account Number: 2100053461
Zenith Bank

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