Thursday, 4 April 2013


It is with mixed feelings that I write this article today, because my 'april fool' day wasn't quite what I expected it to be. I remember sharing my childhood experience with so much gusto somehow thinking it might be the same again, however, it was not to be.... 
So I got home after my night shift and the house is empty, (1st bummer), despite the fact that it was easter monday (a public holiday). My siblings are either off to school (university) or not in the same town as me. Then I decide to check my blackberry for friends to prank, guess what? Some of their personal messages read "HNM - happy new month"/ april fools' day. who does that!! How can you be informing a person you are supposed to be pranking that its a prank day? And so I went on to facebook and twitter, hmmm... similar gist. I think the advent of this ultra computer age has caused some children to miss out on a bit of "growing up in Nigeria" childhood.

All was not lost though as some dedicated pranksters developed new links for false news and I'm pretty sure gossip mongers fell for those pranks. Unfortunately, I'm not one to open every link I see or that is forwarded to me. 

A friend of mine seeing that I was falling for none their pranks decided to send me this message;
"the 1st of April came to be called Fools' day after Steve April. He was born on April 1, 1579 to a wealthy American family. He did 105 businesses in his lifetime but he remained poor. He lost his family fortune to fraudsters. Everyone started calling him Father of fools. He used to believe all kinds of fake stories like the one you are reading now.
hahahahaha. Got ya this time.

I almost fell for this one believe me, but as I read his message I began to ponder over the whole gist of it cos I did a research and blogged about it that morning. If I hadn't done my research on the origin of april fools' day, he would have gotten me real good! thumbs up to you my friend - Ugwuka Eugene Faji

My Fiance tried his best to prank me but he couldn't and it pissed him off to no end. thanks for keeping it real baby.

In general, I was almost bored out of my mind.

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