Friday, 5 April 2013


A lot of people may like to argue this, but I've noticed that as adults we spend majority of our time in our workplaces or offices; be it a corporate organisation, a private business or working from a home office. In fact, for people that work up to 12 hours a day, 50% of your daily lives is spent in their offices. Some people work longer hours. Empowered by this bit of information, what do you say to keeping the space where most of your time is spent in the best shape?

Like I said before, in attempting to design a space, have in mind, the size, shape, functionality of the space and of course your personal style, anything that makes it uniquely yours. Think about what effect your office has on you and your work. No matter your position in firm, your level of education or your job description, as long as you have a space to work from; that is your office. An office should have the following characteristics
  • it should be comfortable for both you and your clients
  • a place that breeds effectiveness and efficiency
  • a place where maximum success can be attained
In fact, your office can be as important to your job as a scalpel is to a surgeon or a hammer to a carpenter.  The importance of effective workspaces for our wellbeing and success can not be overemphasized. How we work depends to a large extent on how our offices work for us. If your clothes serve as a second layer to your skin, then your environment is the third, more so,  your office as you spend most of your time there. You need therefore, to dress for success, you and your workspaces. don't go saying oh! I don't have an office, your kitchen, gym, showroom, studio is your office.

The office shows the world who you are because it is the place where you make most of your daily interactions. Have in mind, you are putting yourself up for a show and your self esteem and reputation are on the line. It is a place where you display who we are or want to be. Your office must be thought of as a fundamental tool for your trade, a place that creates appointments and opportunities for you rather than take away from it.

Take into consideration also, the colors, furniture and its arrangement, equipment and accessories, lighting, storage and decorations. Having said these, sometimes we feel the power to redecorate our offices is totally off our hands, especially for people working in corporate prefixed offices. What do we do in such situations you might ask? you can do the following:
  • rearrange the furniture to suit your work flow
  • bring in some of your equipment to make your work easier
  • bring in some decorations or accessories e.g. a picture frame of you with family or friends (it shows there is another side to you than work and that you have people who you are of importance to).
  • a plant makes a room come alive and gives you more oxygen in a dreary office space
  • a candy jar or bowl  bring other workers and colleagues to your space and makes for interaction and getting to know them.
  • bring in your personal storage/filing system

There is more to your office than just a chair, desk and cabinets. Watch out for the part 2 of this post.


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