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Just the way we dress and change our outfits to match the seasons of the year, we can do same to our homes. you don't have to go all out to re-paint and change up all the window blinds if you don't have the funds to do that. Think about this for a minute, we dress our homes up for christmas and halloween (countries that celebrate it) maybe easter or chinese new year depending on the cultural backgrounds,  but what about spring, summer and the fall periods? In Nigeria, rainy and dry seasons? Do we really have to decorate only during holiday periods? These periods (seasons) have no religious or cultural attachment but it can still be decorated. Basically, what you have to do is change up the theme once in awhile. Here are a few tips to help you redecorate to match the seasons.

With the accompanying heat of summer or the dry season (Nigeria), you want to decorate your home to give a cooler feel. It's not enough to have a good cooling system. Your mood as you walk into the space also matters. You want to come home to a calming environment after all the heat. The summer is around the corner and if you are looking to redecorate, what other time is better than now. What color to use is simply a reflection of how you want to feel; even if you want a cool environment, believe me you don't want it looking all grey, damp and drabby like a rainy day. The sea and the summer sky have one color in common - blue. So when redecorating your home for the summer, think BLUE as your highlighting color, no matter the shade. I do not expect you to go all out and change your furniture and wall colors, there are inexpensive ways to go about such things; ACCESSORIZE! Change your window blinds if you have enough money for that, if not, the major objects e.g. furniture that cannot be easily changed should be in neutral shades. Change to a beach theme. Beaches are associated with neutral colors (white, brown) and sky blue  Start by adding throw cushions/pillows in shades of blue, 1 or 2 could have a dolphin or starfish picture or even a shell picture on it. Place a transparent jar of seashells or seashells on a fancy tray on coffee table or in a strategic position. Use a woven /basket designed stool or armchair for extra sitting. Vases can be of the pottery designs. You can even change your artwork to a beachy summer themed one.

The winter and fall season (rainy in Nigeria) is always a drabby period. It's cold outside and it's either all white or all grey, so you want to get home to a warm environment, something that makes you feel warm, cozy and happy. As always think color first. Warm colors include red, orange and golden yellow, they are also the color of fire. The neutral color here should be white as it is the color of snow. The celebrations associated with this season are thanksgiving and christmas, and the aforementioned colors also go well with them. If you don't think so, think of your thanksgiving dinner, the turkey is all golden and warm at least.  The use of accessories in  these shades automatically brings warmth into your home. Use a red/gold persian rug to brighten the space. A crystal chandelier will be beautiful and it is a piece that you can use all year long.

Moving on from winter, we come into spring, a time for new growth and development, a time when things that died during the long winter season come back to life. The color of spring is the color of life and that color is green and yellow. It is the color of the trees and flowers. This doesn't mean turn your house into a garden, there are tasteful ways to go about decorating for spring. Since it is said a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at these pictures and take a tip or two from them.

Now that you have been armed with these tips, go ahead and do justice. If you like this article, be sure to let me know.

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