Saturday, 20 April 2013


Everyone wants comfort and luxury and where best to get it than in your bedroom? A perfectly made bed makes for a very good sleep *maybe even with sweet dreams*. You know the saying "as you make your bed, so shall you lie on it"? Well, in this case it is literally true. To make a perfectly wrinkle free bed, do the following:

  • Buy a very good textured bedspread: There are a variety of materials used to make bedspreads out there ranging from cotton, linen, silk to polyester. The best of course is cotton and linen. When buying your bedspread, ask the seller if you can have a feel of the texture. If they have authentic products, they would readily agree. The way the material feel to the back of your have is exactly how it will feel to your skin lying down on it. If you live in the tropics and have a poor cooling system, please avoid silky materials for your beddings cause when the temperature rises, you get hot and sticky real fast. Hence, silks are best for temperate regions whereas, cotton and linen goes for any part of the world. As a general rule, avoid polyester.
  • Buy a blanket: Sometimes, despite our best attempts to get a good textured bedspread, the nature of the covering of the mattress might be totally out of your hands. So, getting a good big enough blanket that properly covers the mattress is the next step. They come in a variety of colors too. The best type are the wooly ones. Spread the blanket and tuck it in around the edges. Blankets have other advantages aside from giving you a wrinkle-free bed;
    • It keeps you warm
    • It adds to the comfort you seek as you sleep

  • Iron the bedspread to further remove wrinkles.

  • Lay your Bedspread: Spread it on the bed to cover all edges, make sure it's not more on one side than the other. Smoothen out any wrinkles to the sides. Tuck in the head and toe parts first, then the two sides or vice versa. Don't tuck in adjacent ends, it makes the finished work look haphazard. If you have someone on the opposite of the bed to help you, better. Two is always better than one.

There you have it, your perfectly wrinkle-free well made bed ready to be slept in. If you like this article, don't hesitate to let me know. If you are also in need of perfect beddings, contact me. My details are on my "contact" page on this blog. 

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  1. HS Soft Coral Bed Blanket from Bizarkdeal

    This is soooooo soft. I got it as a throw for my guest room but it's so nice that it's usually in the front room being used by my boyfriend while watching TV. It's plenty long so if you are sitting in a recliner you can tuck it under your feet and still pull it all the way up to your neck even if you're 6 feet tall. It's not the warmest blanket in the world so if you run hot this will be great for you.


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