Friday, 31 May 2013


You know, a lot of things go on around us when we are not paying attention. Too busy with work or paying all the attention to ourselves. You see recently I've been doing some online shopping and research and I've been visiting a lot of sites. Now when I get to those sites, I see the Facebook icon, the Twitter icon, Google and then I see something, a P that look like a music note and they write beside it "pin it". I just didn't understand what it was all about and most of the time I just ignore it.

However, one day on my Google+ page I saw Tyra Banks saying she'd join pinterest, and then I told this must be an interesting place, I better check it out and so I did. Of course, after checking it out I had to join too. 

Just in case you aren't aware, pinterest is a place where I have seen how very wonderfully, amazingly talented people are. People coming up with new ideas that are just too good. I'm glad to have paid a little attention outside being unnecessarily busy and decided to see what this site is all about.

Here are a few things I've discovered in pinterest so far.

Clock-style picture arrangement                                      Flower-designed frame

Name Bookshelf

I'm still getting a hang of how it works but I already just love it! Check it Out!! If you haven't.

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