Sunday, 2 June 2013


I know, I know, now "what kind of topic is this?" you might ask and "why would I want to recycle old stuff when i can easily go out and get brand new ones?", some others might ask. But my question is this "why not?". " Have you ever had old worn-out jeans that you loved so much and didn't want to throw away even though it's now torn in a few places and you then decided to cut them to make them shorts so you can wear them around them house to carry out your daily activities since you can't wear them out anymore?" " have you had long hair for a while and now you want to have a new look so you just cut them a little shorter or style them differently?" Well that's exactly the same thing as recycling.

What are the items you have in your attic, basement or warehouse, items you haven't thought about in a pretty long time? Recently, I did a thorough clean up of my dad's warehouse and I found some items I felt might just be useful to me on the long run. I found 3 wooden frames, a beautiful wallpaper, a light lap rug, some materials, shelves, chairs, tables and throw pillows. These items might sound odd to be found in someone's warehouse but not when your father has been in the furniture business since before you were born. I found a few more that I haven't decided what to make of just yet.

Framed Lap rug

Framed Wallpaper

The chairs, tables, shelf, throw pillows, I decided to use in designing my home office. The materials I used to make curtains for the office too. The wallpaper, wooden frames and lap rug were framed and now I have beautiful artworks. Don't they look absolutely beautiful? Would you have guessed it? Are you still thinking it's a waste of time to rummage over your old stuff and see what you can make out of them? I don't think so. So dears, don't be afraid of a little dirt, go see what you have hiding in your storage places. This exercise will even help you see things that are no longer useful to you and you can just purge them out and create more space. Happy digging!!!

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