Thursday, 16 May 2013


Most of us have very limited use of our bathrooms and as such we don't really think it needs to be styled as the rest of the house. A lot of us use it for the necessary grooming needs like bathing, brushing and toileting. You don't need to be a millionaire or a celebrity to think about styling your bathroom properly. Gone are the days when all bathroom appliances come in boring white ceramics, now they come in various colors, types, shapes and sizes and even in stainless steel and marble.
Factors to consider again is as always the size of the space; you don't want to put a massive bathtub in a tiny bathroom. If you have a small bathroom for instance and you can fit in a big bathtub, use a steam shower. It still gives you that chic look.

When accessorizing your bathroom, you are going to need the following objects; Soap dishes, toothbrush holder, tissue dispenser, towel rail, mirrors, vanity cabinets, toilet seat cover, dirty cloth bin, toilet brush, window blinds e.t.c

Lighting: When choosing the lighting choices for your bathroom, ladies remember sometimes you need to do your makeup in a properly lit space. If the natural lighting of the space is poor, choose good fluorescent lights or a chandelier. You can also place some lights above the mirror, doubles the amount of lighting. 

A vanity cabinet gives your things (unused towels, soaps, toilet paper e.t.c) a home. If you live in an apartment with low bathroom windows, you need a window blind to keep your privacy. 

All I have to say right now is try as much as possible to make your bathroom as inviting and clean as the rest of your home. Cheers!

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