Thursday, 16 May 2013


For a lot of people with lots of clothing, shoes and accessories, it is usually a problem to decide what to put on in the morning, be it for work, church, shopping, partying e.t.c. They get attached to some and let others go to neglect. 

Most people who are organised tend to want to do things in an almost perfect manner even up to the way they wear their clothes and I mean this literally. I remember having lots of clothes and always wearing a few while neglecting others. So, I came up with an idea of wearing my clothes so I get to wear all of them. Funny isn't it? You'll find however, as you read on that you'd find these tip useful.

  • First, separate your clothes into events like work clothes, church clothes, party clothes, staying at home clothes e.t.c.
  • Secondly, wear your clothes by colors, pick one color for every week. For example different shades of green this week and maybe pink next week and black/white the week after.
  • When you have successfully worn them through, stagger the best of your outfits for another 2 weeks or so, like red today, blue tomorrow.
  • Go back to the weekly routine.
Initially you might think its a waste of your time until friends, families, co-workers begin to take notice. The advantages of wearing your clothes in this manner is that it gives you an opportunity to actually go through your closet and purge any unwanted items if need be and it makes you look more stylish.

Now, at work, people see me on monday and really want to know if I will pull of the colors for that week.  I have succeeded in making a fashion statement at my workplace though silently at first but now, not as much .  People will notice, believe it or not. Always don't forget a nice pair of shoes and your accessories. 

So go out there and channel your inner rockstar!


  1. Thanks for the tip,I hope it works for me.


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