Tuesday, 23 July 2013


While living in style is my rule, which is why I decided to make bedsheets with a difference. I have realised that you can live in style up to the food you eat. You just have to be very patient and develop your culinary skills while not being afraid to experiment with stuff all at the same time.

I have a cookbook that I inherited from my dad, many Nigerians even Africans may be shocked by this and frankly it will be an expected reaction, because how many African men go near the kitchen door when their wives are cooking to say "well done". They are usually too busy with the TV or video games. My dad, like some other African dads are different. He loves adventure and likes to check out and experiment with new stuff. Guess that's why he was the one interested in the cookbook. So back to the book, it's actually a cookbook he got a while back when he travelled out of the country so its more for western dishes but I love them and I could relate with some of the dishes, others not so much. I tried some of them out as they were and some I replaced the spices with African spices. At the end of the day the dishes turned out nice.

Experimenting occasionally with dishes can sometimes make even the most boring meals tastier. For example, If you have been told to reduce the carbohydrate and cholesterol content in your diet, either because of an illness or because you are trying to loose some weight, your food doesn't have to end up tasting like cardboard. In Nigeria for example, where the list of dishes in the food menu are mostly carbohydrates and highly limiting, you don't have to abandon all the carbs and settle for proteins only. You also need your carbs for energy daily functioning of the systems. Many people end up eating boil unripe plantain with pumpkin vegetable sauce or just plain unripe plantain porridge. What if I told you there are also healthy ways to eat unripe plantain? Have you ever thought to try using carrots, peas and green pepper for for  your unripe plantain porridge? Cut the plantain, carrot into cubes, start by boiling the plantain, then mix with the vegetables when almost done. The meal looks even more colourful and appetizing. If you don't need to loose weight, you can also mix it up with diced potatoes.

Believe this if you didn't know, Irish potatoes have higher glycaemic index than sweet potatoes.

So go on and have some fun with your dishes. Cheers!

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