Thursday, 25 July 2013


About a couple of weeks back, I put out a post on having "your own private home theater". It is a luxury when viewed through an "I can't afford it" eye but it doesn't haven't to be as I clearly enumerated on that article. Today, I was watching a program on the style network "built" and their project was to turn a home office into a Moroccan spa. I loved the idea so much which is why I will be sharing with you today; tips on creating your very own home spa using things that you either already own or can be bought at an affordable price in the market. 

Have you ever had a very tough day at work, back hurting, feet aching and all you want is a thorough massage. To soak in a hot bath and just relax and then go straight to bed immediately after no caring for dinner. I know the typical spa treatment has options for you to choose from. There are masseuses waiting to give you a massage or any other form of relaxation method you choose. Well in our homes, many of us can't afford to hire someone to be on standby just to give us massages when we need one, but we can give ourselves time to relax. All you need to do is pick that one relaxation therapy that always works for you and incorporate it into your spa. The commonest and easiest been the soaking in the bath tub. 

To create a home spa, you have to have a space for it either inside the main house or any surrounding building outside the main building. The garage or barn can be converted into one. If you don't have the extra space, then you would have to make do with your regular bathroom, which means it should have a tub or a Jacuzzi.

The flooring usually can be tiled so that water that spills on the floor can easily be mopped up and you can also use hardwood flooring. There has to be a constant water (hot and cold) supply into this space for soaking up. 

To give it the feel of a spa, use candle chandeliers or scented candles for lighting and for its lovely fragrance. he amount of lighting depends on the mood you want to get into as you step into your spa. Personally, I think the lighting should be one of those types that can be regulated to bright or dim. Either use dried scented leaves or fresh roses, sprinkled in the tub or around it, even around the spa area. Spas usually have a romantic feel to it. Get a some oils, towels, bathrobe and slippers. Have a bottle of wine handy , it helps to relax the muscles (but preferably non-alcoholic or if alcoholic, wait to get out of the tub before drinking). To feel the ultimate spa treatment of facials, pull out your facial scrub and apply then cover your eyes with 2 slices of cucumber as they usually do in major spas. If you have the money, you can add a sauna. 

Ladies! don't forget the vanity, a session to do your nails and put on your makeup. It is possible to have friends over just like in your gym or home theater. Do you know a trick you can do to get those heated towels? moisten them a little bit and put them in a microwave for about 2 minutes.

There should be a session where you have a couch where you can coil up with a book in your heated robe and sip your wine. A great idea is to combine your gym with your spa so you just get straight into relaxation mood after exercising with minimum distractions. To give that nature's feel to the space, add some beautiful potted plant.

Add regular home accessories like, artworks, throw pillows, vases, mirrors,curtains/blinds e.t.c. You may create a feature wall. Don't leave out minor basics like your fridge, cabinets for your towels and products. Lastly, some tip; If you didn't know this, know that a spa is usually seen as a treatment centre, and this therapy is called water or hydrotherapy. It is believed that mineral water could heal certain illnesses. At least I know it relieves stress.

Happy relaxation friends, Cheers!!


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