Thursday, 25 July 2013


Is this a topic I should dabble into? I ask myself. Yes, I claim to be a fashionista not just because I think so but also because I've been told severally. I try to market my products to people and they are looking at my outfit and the next question I hear is do you make clothes? Sometimes it's do you sell female clothes and accessories. When my answer is no, the next question becomes; Where do you shop? With these constant questions I sometimes wonder if I should have gone into clothes designing instead, I already design most of the clothes my tailors make for me. However, I believe this is a very huge project to undertake now. Maybe it will be a project for much later.

Since it is not an easy fit to get into designing outfits for people because while beddings and interiors usually have almost fixed dimensions, humans come in different shapes and sizes; some tall or short, some slim or fat and others just in between.  I've always talked about style, how to incorporate it into our daily living and all. But what exactly is fashion?

Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing (dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers, shirts and tops e.t.c.); accessories (handbags, shoes, wallets, e.t.c.); jewelries (rings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles, earrings, watches, necklaces e.t.c) or home designing including furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses as well as to prevailing styles in behaviour. It also refers to the newest creations of textile designers.

From the above definition it seems I'm already practicing fashion, and discussing only a bit of it. For now, I'd make do will giving tips on dressing up and occasionally finding great stores to shop especially for folks who live in Nigeria. Note that I don't follow all trends, infact I like to see myself more as a trend setter not a trend follower. I'm going to be starting with Benin City, Nigeria as it is where I live and charity as they say begins at home. So ladies and gentleman, pull out those check books, we are going SHOPPING!!!

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