Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Pests are a major problem for lots of people in many parts of the world and Nigeria is no exception. I personally think it is so and controlling them will only give you peace of mind but also prevent you from coming in contact with some diseases like lassa fever transmitted by rodents through their by-products like faeces and urine when in gets into our stored food items, plates or cutleries. In this business of organising people's homes, I have found out that pest control is very challenging to a lot of people.

In getting rid of these pests, it is not just enough to buy poisons and insecticides to kill off a set because for as long as they are on the surface of the earth, a new set will find their way into your home again if you allow it. So in preventing their invasion, take the following precautions:

The rule is to eradicate anything that attracts them. As we all know, living things must survive and they need at least food and shelter to do that. Whether you allow them take you hostage in your own home is totally up to you, so like I said - remove any attractions

  • For your kitchen and pantry (food storage unit), make sure it is properly built and fitted. The cabinets, if made of wood should be one that is well dried and not attract wood mites or easily eaten through by rats. The storage unit should comprise of either open or closed shelves depending on your design but the basic thing is;   

    • Keep all grains e.g.rice,beans or powdery foods e.g. flour, garri in a plastic containers with covers and not a bag. The pests can't eat through them. Don't be afraid that they generate heat and spoil your food, the temperature generated is insignificant in a properly aerated pantry.
    • Make sure nothing is left on the floor so there is no hiding place for the pests and hence no shelter.
    • For the canned foods and foods in bottles, you can stack them on the shelves directly or keep in an open, labelled basket.
    • If you have biscuits, pasta of any kind , the nylon wrapping is not immune to the teeth of the rodents, they must go into a covered plastic container as well.
    • To make life easy for you, make each item easily identifiable by labeling them or using transparent containers.
    • There should be no leftovers in the kitchen or any other part or the house. Pack it up and put in a fridge. If the leftover over can't be used, dispose of it properly in a bag, tie it before it goes into the trash can which should b covered too.
    • Your final waste disposal system should be outside the main building.
Now that you have succeeded in cutting off their food supply and to some extent their shelter, go the extra mile to cut off their shelter even more by preventing direct access to your home by;
  • Low doors that prevent them from coming in through underneath the door
  • Net doors and windows with hard plywood covering the lower part of it so they don't eat through the nets.
  • Keep your environment (in and out) clean always.
Now that you have fortified your home, bring out the ammunition ( poisons, traps, insecticide) and wait for that pest foolish enough to wander in.
Hope this helps. Cheers

** Let me know about your questions or topics you want discussed. Thank you**
Feels good to be back, missed you all.

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