Thursday, 4 July 2013


In all you do on earth, the ability to remember that while you might not have in abundance and have enough to get on with living, there are people out there who have absolutely nothing. No shelter from the rain and sun. No food, no clothes to keep them warm, no bed to lie on at night, no shoes while you have 30 pairs and use only 20 of those. 

With these in mind, I came up with the idea of giving back. I started with myself. I purged myself of some shoes  just lying about and collecting dust ( I am a lover of shoes meanwhile), then I moved on to my sister and cousins and they let go off some clothes. 

We gathered these items together and took them to an orphanage home where they will be better appreciated and used. We visited the Edo Orphanage Home in Benin with these items collected and as expected they were pleased to have been thought of.

My next step is to convince my clients who purge from their belongings during the process of re-organizing their homes to donate to the poor. Personally, I think donating to the poor makes you really understand a bit  of what they must feel and nothing beats that smile of appreciation here or a tear of joy there. So go out and give no matter how little you think it is, I can assure you that someone needs it.


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