Friday, 16 August 2013


Hey guys, Guess I'm at it again with all my non-interior design blog posts. However, I think these are things that people need to and sometimes even what to know, to read about, something to help us get through the day a little easier. I'm sorry but today I'm going all religious on you. I am a Christian, but I believe Faith which is my topic of discussion today, cuts across all spheres of human life and religion, Christian or not. At some point in our lives, we all need something to work out so bad! and that is where FAITH comes in.

What is Faith? According to the Catholic catechism book, "It is the supernatural gift from God which enables you to believe without doubting whatever God has revealed". In the Holy Bible "Hebrews 11:1 "It is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen". This was the preaching in Church last week and I really loved and appreciated the way it was thought. What I didn't know that day was that I was going to use it in helpful ways to the people around me, Doctors and patients alike. I definitively didn't know I would be sharing it in my blog.

The key words in faith is to BELIEVE WITHOUT DOUBTING. Two things happened at the hospital yesterday that spurred me into wanting to share this. First, during the morning meeting I got a text message from a colleague who I had a talk with one night, a couple of weeks ago, thanking me for the talk I gave her. She had been very upset and dejected almost losing faith. She said everytime she remembers what I said to her, it keeps her going. Of course, I was overwhelmed. I never knew my few words of encouragement would help her turn around and keep her going.

The second incident of the day was about a mother refusing that her very sick child be admitted for proper care. She had been spoken to by three other colleague and I was about leaving the clinic at the close of the day when the nurse drew my attention to them saying the child presented 2days prior and the mother rejected admission, the child was placed on oral drugs and she represented with a vomiting, lethargic child who was still vomiting despite all antiemetics given. I knew I had to convince this woman to accept admission but didn't know how just yet, with her being adamant and all. Let me just say at this point, Nigerians are very religious people and sometimes to the point of annoyance when they begin to misinterpret the Bible or interpret it to suit their terms.

I gently walked up to her, greet her and tried to confirm what I was told by the nurse. The story checked out then I proceeded to find out the reasons for her actions. She complained that it was because she was ill too. I sympathized with her but firmly told her that it was her job to be at the side of her children everytime until they are old enough and then the preaching from Sunday service came straight to me and I said to her "THIS IS YOUR CROSS TO CARRY". If you didn't have any children or was unmarried, maybe no money to take care of them, I'm pretty sure you ask God why? now you have the children and you don't want to take care of them". Somehow, these words got to her and she agreed to the admission. I saw her today and she was happy and the child's condition has also improved.

So the next time, things are not going as you planned, do not fret, maybe God allowed the temptation to enable you become stronger and learn something new. He permitted the devil to tempt Job but spared his life. Job came out victorious in the end because he believed and trusted only in God. Remember that we all have our cross to carry and the way Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus to carry his cross, God will surely send our helper.

What I want you who are reading this to take away from this are;

  • Have Faith - Believe without doubting
  • When faced with trials and tribulations, stand firm and fight, it is your cross to bear.
  • Don't give up
  • Don't compare your life with someone else's own, they might have more problems than you cab ever handle.
  • Have fun with life- those that have best out of life, enjoy life; it is difficult for those who analyse it and  worse for those who criticize it.

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