Monday, 19 August 2013


A few months back, I blogged about how to make the best use of your outfits, "Tips for making good use of all your outfits". Earlier this week, on Tuesday to be precise, as I was getting ready to go to work, I realized that I was getting bored with my previous arrangement of wearing a particular color for a week. I also realized that sometimes I had too few clothes for the days of the week or too many. I also made it a habit to put on some African traditional clothing on Fridays as does most people in Nigeria. 

So, as I was looking for ways to break up the monotony of my dress code. I put on a torquise outfit on Tuesday and the thought "torquise Tuesday" came to mind. I began to think " okay, what if for just one week I choose colors with the First alphabets same as the particular day of the week?" So I thought, White Wednesday, Tan Thursday! uhhh niceeee. Then I got stuck. For the life of me I couldn't remember and colors that had matching alphabets with the days of the week. I could only think of blue, green, red, black, grey, orange, purple e.t.c. I remembered that there are many shades when it comes to choosing colors but I couldn't remember them. I went to ask my younger sister but she sent me to the internet. However, I wanted a shortcut so I put out the message on my blackberry messenger and I got this picture below.

When I first saw the picture, it was hilarious to me, but it helped me solve my color problems on the long run. For next week, I'll be dressing according to colors that match the days of the week and you'll be kept informed on my progress. 

Stay Tuned! Cheers!!!

One last thing, irrespective of your gender, how do you see colors?


  1. LOOL..nice concept,were u able to pull it through?wld probably try it nxt week..

  2. Plan on doing just that this week, have my clothes all set. Let's do this, you take pictures of your outfit all week and I'll do same. At the end of the week, I'll put them up on this blog. you can email me this pics you take. What say you? let me know +Ib Nenye


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