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This is the last article in the "how to" and "styling ---" session. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it. From here I'll be moving on to "designing your homes based on themes". But first, let's talk about how to design a shared adult room i.e. an adult room for 2 or more people. This type of arrangement is common amongst couples or roommates in university settings. How do you incorporate everyone's style into the space in a tasteful manner?

As always, get the personal style of the individuals sharing the room. Sometimes it may be close and related and in some other cases, very diverse. You may have one person loving animal skin designs and another who likes other graphic patterns like stripes or checkered. Sometimes the difference may be in the colors. Whether or not the individuals are same gender, the colors the prefer may run in two very different directions. However, unlike a shared kids bedroom where you can have up to 3 different colors on the wall, an adult's room has to be much more organised.

The key to successfully styling a room for 2 or more adult is simple and yet difficult, just a 3-syllable word - COMPROMISE! One person should let go so that a more wall appropriate color between the two adults is painted on the wall. The color of the second individual can then be used as accents and in the accessories. For example, if one person likes blue and the other likes orange, well obviously an orange wall may be out of the question but the blue looks better especially if it's sky-blue on 3 of the walls and a navy blue as the feature wall. The orange can then come in as the beddings, rugs, vases e.t.c. If one of them also likes the beach or safari theme, this can be incorporated by adding a few neutral or woven products like a basket weave armchair or bin.

Another way of doing it, is by going neutral on the walls and using each person's color or theme as accents and accessories.

See how this green and yellow come together tastefully, tied down by the neutral white walls.

Don't ever begin to feel that you are sacrificing a little too much than the other person. The most important thing is to have a tastefully designed room that you'll all love. Remember, it is in sacrificing one thing or another that you came to live together.
The furniture, lighting, accessories are basically same as that for an adult room for one person.

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