Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Designing a room for a single person especially an adult can be pretty easy when the adult knows exactly what he/she wants, his/her personal style or a theme they'll want to adopt. After deciding what theme you want your room in, select a mood. A mood is the way you want to feel everytime you step into this space. If you want it to feel romantic or cheery, then let your interior designer know. Another very important thing to take note of is the budget. Yes, you may want a room worth a million bucks but you may not have a million bucks. Are there ways to make you feel like you just walked into a million bucks when you step into your room? For sure!

As always we begin with the essentials then we moved to the unessential things you'll need for this space. The essentials include;

  • Furniture: You'll need a bed, wardrobe (armoire and cabinets) if you don't have a built-in wardrobe. Depending on whether you have enough space and if you live only one room (as many students do) , you may bring in a couch, reading table and chairs and a bookcase.
  • Lighting: This can set the mood you wish for. Don't forget your curtains or window blinds.
  • Beddings: Trust me, if your room looks beautiful and your beddings are coarse and rough, you'll most likely have nightmares still or just wake up cranky always. Use beautiful, soft cotton beddings. Depending on the temperature and if you have an air-conditioner, you can add a duvet.
  • Accessories: Artwork or pictures, rugs, lamps and mirrors are the commonest accessories

A few tips, since wallpapers are so expensive, you can create a feature wall by painting the wall on the headrest part of room a different color and adding picture frames or a large artwork. (look up my article on "creating a feature wall" on this blog).
If you have enough money to spend, then by all means feel free to use wallpaper for your feature wall. Bricks are also a great idea.
If you don't have enough space, then use a long lamp as opposed to a table top type that will require bed side stools.
Also consider using a ceiling fan or an air-conditioner instead of a standing fan if you lack space. You can also open up the windows for some fresh air.
As a rule, I generally don't like televisions in the bedroom as if should be a place to rest and sleep after a long day's work.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Stay tuned for part 2 (adult room for 2 or more persons).

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