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I know you must all be wondering as to why I stopped my "how to"  session abruptly and moved into uncharted waters of discussing personal, lifestyle and sometimes political issues. I did this so as not to get bored and to keep mind active and abreast of happenings around me. Many have concluded that I must no longer be interested in interior designing. But I must assure you that if you thought that then I'm sorry to have to prove you wrong. I love designing as much as I love medicine maybe even more because with designing, I get to be as creative as I want to, make new discoveries almost everyday. To think of something and put into action that thought, bringing your dream to life. 

We have just very few topics to go before rounding up on the "how to section". Today, let's talk about the most basic space in every household - the living room. Some call it the "family room". Now you can choose to design your living room according to a certain theme, be it contemporary, western, oriental, country e.t.c. That's entirely up to you. However there are some staples that should be in this space irrespective of the theme and they are;
  • Surface area: the size and shape of the space determines the amount of furniture that goes in and if the dining area will be very separate from the living area. 
  • Furniture: Staple furnishing for a living area are the couch and a few single chairs or you may opt for a complete settee; a coffee /centre table and a dining set. You may decide to add a bar or plate cabinet depending on the amount of space you have. If you have little children, you may not want glass furniture as it may not last and can injure them.
  • Lighting: You may choose to have more than one set of lighting as per electrical light i.e. you may have some bulbs on each side of the room and then a central chandelier, each operated by different buttons so you are able to set the level of lights you need at a particular time. Don't forget about the natural lightings, you'll need them in the day time. For more on lighting, refer to the article on "lightings" on this blog.
  • Appliances: Living room appliances are much more fewer than what you'd expect in a kitchen or even gym. They consist mainly of entertainment gadgets like televisions, DVD, a radio and yes sometimes a video gamer even speakers.
  • Accessories: It can be overwhelming picking out accessories for your living room but if you take it a step at a time, you'll get through it successfully. First, pick out your throwpillows, then things that will go on the walls. Decide whether you want artworks or family picture frames. If you have enough wall space, you may be able to have both arranged nicely. If you prefer a mirror, it can also work. Pick a clock that is a statement piece. Remember, this is your living area, it's where you'll entertain your guests, it has to look breathtaking!! Thirdly, go for things that can sit on a surface say figurines, vases, lamps e.t.c. 
  • Blinds: You can either use curtains or window blinds. The window blinds come in array of choices these days, cloth, wood, aluminium, mats e.t.c. It helps to keep the light out during the day on days you don't feel up to it.
Here are a few tips;
  • You can combine more than one theme in decorating but they have to be compatible, not screaming at each other e.g. modern/safari.
  • Realize that it is possible to over and under decorate.
  • You can add a washbowl to the dining area for easy access to water and hand washing after eating.
  • The plate cabinet can be in the dining area if you don't have enough space for it in your kitchen. It will serve to store your important china and silverware that you use on occasions like Christmas.
  • You can also have a section of the space to keep your bookshelf.

If you need more information on furniture, lighting, home accessories and picture arrangement, all you have to do is search this blog, because they are all here. Cheers and happy reading!!!

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