Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Last week we discussed the traditional African themed decor and as promised I am here with a discussion on safari themed decor. We already know the colors of African decor to be shades of brown and black, the additional thing however in the safari theme decor is the inclusion of animals (carved, wall art, prints on rugs, beddings pillows e.t.c.). The safari theme can also be called the jungle theme but  I like to try to separate them if I can because a lot of people now mix up jungle for tropical which is a lot different.

The tendency to over do it when creating a safari theme is very high and you can move from tasteful to tacky very easily. The safari represents the wild basically and this can be easily replicated into your home in a beautifully splendid design. The easiest way to get this theme into your home like I always say is to have neutral walls and accessorize with items. But we don't have to take the easy route all the time lest it begins to bore us. There are many more ways to bring in this design theme to your space. Create a feature wall either by 
  • using wall paper or wall murals showing different types of wild animals
  • hanging carvings, artwork, photograph of the wild. You can also make it a feature corner so it looks like you have a mini-gallery in your home.
  • Hang up an animal print rug ( a big one) that can almost serve as a wallpaper, It even adds more texture to the space than the wallpaper.
  • Instead of your regular brick wall tiles, use granite stones to create your feature wall.

If you aren't up for creating a feature wall and you love the minimalist type of decor, there is no problem at all. Just accessorize using throwpillows and rugs. (It doesn't have to be only one type of print).
There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a few potted plants for more jungle effect but these plants should be mainly scrubs not trees. Don't forget that when you think of the safari, mostly the Savannah plains not the rainforest comes to mind. If you can't take care of live plants, just go for the plastic ones, they also look almost real. You can even have your window treatments made into the safari theme.

I hope with this information, you are more able to differentiate between the traditional African decor and the Safari decor. Up next is the Tropical themed decor. Don't forget also that all the themes of African decor can be mixed and match to give a wonderful outcome.

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  1. This is gorgeous. Love it! My child would ruin it though. He single handily destroyed his father's favorite sofa. Yep, this is a one year old. I guess I have a ways before I have nice things again. lol

    1. Wow! Children are so adorably created that way, lol. Thank you for your comment. Quite encouraging


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