Thursday, 17 October 2013


Last week, I decided to include a section on posts on something that happened to me or something I learnt each day or as it happens. I decided to called the section "Today". However, it occurred to me today to change the name of the section. Two major names jumped at me
  • Daily experiences
  • Daily thoughts
Which of these 3 (Today, Daily experiences or Daily thoughts) do you prefer? Post a comment to let me know.

Yesterday, On my way back from work and headed to the salon to wash my hair, I ran into a bunch of law enforcement group who were stopping drivers and asking for vehicle and driver's particulars that is the vehicle's license, the driver's license, fire extinguisher, spare tire and all what naught. The group I ran into yesterday were the vehicle inspection officers (VIO), and they started their usually search. I was tired and in a hurry and seriously wasn't in the mood to be searched but I complied. The whole process ended after some time and I was on my way again.

As I drove off, it occurred to me the other law enforcement groups like the federal road safety corps (FRSC) and the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) does exactly the same job. They all ask for your licence and spare tire and all. I wondered then, why we have different groups of people under different headings doing the same jobs. If the Road safety was lacking personnel, all they needed to do was place an advert for recruitment and people would show up for the jobs. But you know Nigeria my beloved country never does things the way it is don't everywhere else or at least in most parts of the world.

A new governor is elected and he has relatives who have been jobless or maybe even have jobs but they need to step higher and embezzle more money. He can't dismiss a person who has been in a particular position and doing his best for whatever reason. He decides instead to create a new sector and sometimes they can be funny. One day we'll probably have someone with the job title "special adviser to the special adviser of the adviser to the president". Lol just kidding. But the "oga at the top syndrome in Nigeria is at a different level". Everyone wants to be at the top without working hard for the position and definitely not planning to do any better when that position is secured.

Now there is some confusion between us the poor citizens as the job description of the these groups are not well defined and seem to intertwine. Take this instance for example, who is in charge of ensuing driver's licence and renewing expired ones? The VIO and the FRSC claim they are the rightful ones. I'm confused. A similar scenario between the regular traffic wardens I knew growing up, who we called "yellow fever" because of the color of their uniform and a bunch of thugs now employed to monitor traffic by some states e.g. LASTMA (Lagos state traffic management authority) in Lagos and EDOSTMA in Benin, causing numerous problems. 

This post is not intended as a means to disrespect the law enforcement agencies but a wake up call to the government that its citizens are no longer as naive as they once were. Tread carefully.


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