Thursday, 17 October 2013


Bonjour mes amies, you know, growing up as a child, when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up; my answer was always the same: a medical doctor. Along the way, I developed an interest in the french language and I fell in love with it. I even won prizes in french at the end of the school year when awards were given. So, the career goal changed a bit to "Medical doctor practicing in France". I pursued my love for the language until I was forced to drop it as it wasn't one of the subjects taught to the science students, and a science student I was. Afterall my first love was to be a doctor. Somewhere along the line about 3 years ago, I had cause to come in contact with the language and I studied it for 6 months before fate decided to turn things around again, and I had to halt my studies.

There is something about the French, don't you think? They are considered the most romantic people of the world and Paris is named one of the top 10 most romantic cities of the world. They are also considered the fashion capital of the world, others been New York, London and Milan. When you think of designers like Coco Chanel, Givenchy e.t.c. Even their national bred dog, the French poodle even though originally from Germany is the most fashionable dog I know, made that way by nature. With these in mind, when you think of french decor, you think of soft, romantic features, almost feminine if I may say so. The french decor can be broadly divided into the Parisian decor and the French country decor.

The French country theme comprises of soft colors and edges, simple furniture with curved legs and edges. They are also symbolized by rustic decor, the classic wheelbarrow or carts and rooster showing its country roots. The Parisian theme takes a more modern approach, with flashes of luxury and sophistication. One thing they both have in common is their love for the romantic and for fashion. In other words, more elaborate ruffles and sometimes color palettes a bit darker than what is usually found in the French country theme. 

The color palette for the french themed decor are mostly pale, soft colors like baby/pale pink, butter yellow, blue and then black and white. Almost any color could go actually along as it's calming. Most of the time, this soft look can be achieved with the use of wallpapers with a solid pale color like blue or pink with white or cream floral patterns to make it appear even paler. The romantic features are added through ruffles, pleats, lace, embroidery and curved edges. I guess to stress its femininity. To digress a bit, Would you believe I started designing beddings with ruffles, lace, embroidery and curvy edges without realizing it was a french inspired design? I guess I should be French then... lol.

The easiest way to do the French inspired decor if you have some difficulty with determining how pale is pale, is to go for the black and white theme and then have fun accessorizing. Adding a few ruffles here and some lace there. In accessorizing for the french theme, a figurine of the Eiffel tower is the way to go. If you are a romantic at heart, all the better. A couple or roosters, cart either as statues or artwork or designs on your wallpaper or throwpillow will also do. If you are looking to renovate at the time of your decor. Don't forget to add your french doors and windows. Add a little more with lovely flowers and you are good to go.

 As for my passion for learning the language, I guess the opportunity will come again and I'll surely take it but for now.... Au revoir!

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