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I grew up watching lots of American movies and pretending to have an American accent just because I loved it. The traditional American themed decor can be very dynamic ranging from vintage to contemporary to a mixture of both, but there are a few basics to have at the tip of your hands if you are determined to go for the American home decor.The traditional American decor is almost like the Mexican decor and there is really no much surprise to that because the traditional Americans were red Indians, some Englishmen, some French natives and a few others. I guess this explains to some extent, the dynamism of the American decor.

The American Decor is not just about the interiors and decorations, it's also about the architectural structure of the building. Usually, they love 
  1. buildings with long spanning windows and walls especially for the living area and kitchen or for spaces that have a great view.
  2. a space that can be multi-functional, that's probably why there are lots of lofts. You can walk into an American living room and you can already see the kitchen on one end separated by the counter-top or work surface of the kitchen. Sometimes these counter-tops serve as the dining tables with stools or dining chairs arranged on the living room side.
  3. Most often they love to build with wood rather that bricks and they love fireplaces too.

These are just to mention a few, I'm more interested in discussing the interior decor aspects of the American themed decor.The traditional American themed decor is usually warm and welcoming. The colors of the traditional American themed decor are basically blue, red and white as found on the American flag. Some people go right ahead and use the decoy of the flags as beddings, throwpillow designs, wall-art, curtains e.t.c. If you do not want to go all out on the American flag thing, then you can choose to paint you walls white, blue or a mixture of both (remember you can do the 2-tone walls - find out how on "mixing colors" on this blog).

For lighting, it's usually about natural lighting with such expanse of glass windows and walls however when it comes to choosing  artificial lighting, the love to use multiple types of lighting for different occasions; chandeliers most times especially those whose intensity can be regulated. Did I mention that they love the luxurious life, hence the saying "the American dream".

For furnishing, you may use beautiful fabric sofas paired with complimentary armchairs that are not necessarily the same fabric or texture or even color. Learn to mix and match. The coffee table, beds, desks are usually made from oak. 

Accessorize with maps of America or flags. America is also known for some sports like the baseball, American football and basketball. A few of these items in your space can make it soooo American. Don't forget to add your mirrors, throwpillows and artwork.

Remember that America is such a big country, it could pass for a continent and as such have different climates. So if you go to a place like Miami, you might get a tropical vibe, while Texas may come on strong with the African and Mexican theme vibes e.t.c.

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