Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Dear friends, see me see wahala oh! (trouble). I was just sitting down jejeli (quietly) doing my work earlier today when my cell phone indicated I had a new message. I checked it and it was a blackberry messenger friend request. Naturally, I accepted thinking it might be a new client (since I advertised my products on some websites) or maybe an old friend who got my pin somehow. It turned out it was neither of the above options. The display name was Benji Jos, the personal message was "Nollywood actor/free for everyone" and he put up as his display picture the photo of a prominent nollywood actor, #Joseph Benjamin. May I mention at this point that the particular picture is on Google, displayed for anyone who wants it. Infact let me put the picture in this post.

The conversation started with me asking how I may be of help. The reply, he just wants a friend. Then the annoying part came when he started asking very persistently that I put up my personal photo as my display picture. Did I mention that I had a little difficulty understanding whatever form of English he was typing. Anyway I pretended not to see his picture and asked who he was anyway and what he did for a living? He replied that his name is Joseph Benjamin and he is indeed a nollywood actor. I actually laughed out loud, then proceeded to tell my brothers about this new development.

When I insisted that he tell me how he got my pin, he said he saw it on Google. Hmmmmm, I Googled myself and my pin didn't even show up and I know my pin is on exactly 3 websites, 2 for the sake of advertisement. When I insisted he states who he really is, he feigned offense, said "gud by" and then promptly deleted me.

You see many people are prowling around the world looking for who to devour financially or otherwise. Don't fall a prey to their wild schemes. Don't be stupid or gullible. Above all don't be greedy because I believe that people who fall prey do so because of greed. A want for the unattainable. To move up the ladder of success with a jump rather than a slow steady incline. If I was carried away with the excitement of meeting a star on my phone. maybe he would have succeeded in scamming me. Dear actors/actresses maybe there is nothing much you can do about identity thieves, but guard your own identity jealously, less you get into trouble.



  1. lol, Keren Keren, nice post. dont mind them 419s jare

    1. Thanks dear. They met the wrong person today.

  2. Tony Ify Okonkwo16 October 2013 at 03:50

    Honest as can ever be! Your posts are usually simple and honest. Keep up.

    1. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your response


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