Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Hello friends and readers,I decided to add a section to my blogs titled "Today". It's basically supposed to comprise to things that occur in my life everyday or new things that I discover that can't be put into any of my previous categories. I may also include certain "gist" that can't wait till Saturdays, when I have the "iSSues Saturday". There might not be a post everyday as my life is really quite boring. It's usually work, home and church for me.

We all know that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on strike for the past three months and Non- Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASUU) and the Senior Staff Association of  Nigerian Universities (SSANU) joined them last week. Also the National Association of  Resident Doctors (NARD) went on a nation-wide strike at the beginning of the month because the Federal Government is messing up their salaries. That by the way means more work for me since I work for a mission hospital and we don't go on strike. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) are already agitating about going on strike after the warning strike they had last week. Theirs is a sympathy strike for ASUU.

Anyway, today I when to make my hair and a discussion started amongst us; the hair stylist and the clients and guess what we were talking about? the light situation in the country. It's no news that this situation is very poor in Nigeria but it has been extreme for the last one week and then I heard that PHCN (the national body in charge of supplying light were on a warning strike because the government made the decision to privatize the sector. Their complaint; they'll be out of jobs when the new owners take over.

You see the problem is many people look for and get into many job opportunities not because they merit it all the time but also because everything has become a matter of godfatherism in our dear nation. The fear of loosing their jobs therefore comes from not having worked hard to remain there and the possibility of being found out. The reason for this post; I discovered lots of association in the country are on strike, bringing it almost to a stand-still and to ask the question, Which way Nigeria?!

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