Friday, 1 November 2013


This is something I love to do so much and I do it often with my bedding designs. The mixing of patterns in bedding designing however, doesn't even come close to what I do with my clothes. The clothes, after making are usually very unique. Let me just say at this point that the idea of mixing patterns of textile materials wasn't originally mine but my friends' Monica Aletor, also a medical doctor and a good one at that but I have to say she missed her calling because she should have been an artist or a designer.

Back in November, 2009 when we were going off to NYSC (Nigerian Youth Service Corps) camp, she showed up at the airport with a skirt that had so many colors and patterns you'd marvel. At first, I didn't understand the outfit but later, I got to know that she'd sewn all the little pieces of left over textile materials into a beautiful skirt, much like the story of Joseph in the Bible with his coat of many colors. Dolly Parton sang about it too. 

Anyway, I immediately decided to try out the concept, luckily my Mum had  lots of left over Nigerian textile materials to part with, so my sister and I made skirts out of them (1st photo). Sometime later, I noticed it was the new trend in Nigerian fashion. People were making different outfits from mixed textiles ranging from dresses to skirts and jackets. Textile manufacturers, I guess decided to make it easy for all and started making one textile material that came in different patterns. 

To me however, nothing beats having to personally select the patterns you like and making something original out of it. You see sometimes, "lack is the birth of creativity".



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