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I believe many of you already have an idea of sorts about how this particular home design should be. However, if you have no clue yet, I'll give you a heads-up. Have you ever watched one of those alien  or sci-fi movies e.g. star trek, transformers, aliens e.t.c. with lots of spaceships and almost impractical things? Well try to pick out the practical bits and pieces, add them to your decor and you've got yourself a futuristic decor. In the bid to avoid sounding to general, I'll take this topic step by step as I usually do.

The futuristic home decor is a recent type of decor though it has been evolving for ages now. It may also be viewed as the galactic kind of home décor. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure the folks of the 1920's saw year 2010 as futurist. Here we are deciphering new terms for the design. I believe the futurist decor is an excerpt of the contemporary decor which would have at one time or another being viewed as futuristic. This type of decor, like the Victorian and Arabian decor can also be incorporated into the architecture of the house during building, for a more pronounced effect. However, if you've already completed your building or live in a rented apartment and crave this type of decor, there is also hope for you. Don't forget that there are ways to also add decor type to a particular space in the house, which is why I took time to discuss in details "how to design your spaces" on this blog, moving from one space to the other.

Colors: The colors of the futuristic decor are usually black white, silver or grey, with neon shades of blues and purple to serve as your pop of color. Other colors can also be used, but to take it all the way, have them in neon shades.

Walls and Ceilings: Until my family house was built, I had no idea that mirrors could be used to cover the entire ceiling or a wall. If you aren't so comfortable with decorating with mirrors, then try wallpapers. They are my favourite way of changing a space. Try using something with the galaxy on it. You can use the mirrors of wallpapers to create a feature wall. Something else you can do, is paint the walls with ash or silver so it looks as though it's covered with sheets of metal.
Lighting: Lighting is an essential part of this design. Crystal lightings are preferable as they add a wow factor to the space. The shape is of utmost importance. Show-stopping chandeliers like in the picture above is characteristic. If you prefer a more demure effect, then opt for chandeliers in circular shapes that remind us of the galaxy.
Shapes: The commonest shapes for this type of décor are the circular and triangular shapes. The circular shapes remind us of the planets, the sun and the moon. The triangular shapes remind us of the stars and spaceships. Other shapes may also be incorporated into this design, some regular like the oval and square shapes, others irregular.
Furniture: These come usually as glass and metal objects, some firmly on the ground and others floating, hanging by strings or chains. Leather is another material easily recommended for this design as it already possesses the patent/neon feel. Imagine you use a leather sofa with elements of metal on the arm-rest and a glass/silver metal coffee table for your space, you are already halfway through with decorating. Plastic can also be used.
Accessories:  Semi circular or circular designs and graphics are used. Add a few robots, spaceships knick-knacks. Throwpillows and rugs which are galaxy-inspired could also be added. Don't forget to add mirrors in circular or triangular shapes. Beddings may also be in this variety or left in plain colors so as not to over do it.


For more photos on the futuristic designs, visit the link below;

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