Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Hello everyone,

This has a lot to do with our personal hygiene. You'll be shocked just by how much it does at the end of this post. It is also the reason why I have put it under the "health tips Tuesday". A lot of people don't bother with watching networks like the style network. (It's my favorite channel on DSTV). Apparently, some consider it to be frivolous. They are very mistaken. You won't believe how much I've learnt just from watching this channel. Infact, that is where I learnt the topic I'm sharing today.

Perhaps, some of you already know the answer to what I'm going to write about, no problem, it's meant to be public knowledge. For those who don't know, you are welcome. So a few months back, while I was watching a show on Style, it got interrupted for some commercials and tips sharing. (It's the usual thing). One of such tips caught my attention. Suddenly, Kathryn Eisman was on my TV screen talking about what hands we should use for what. I loved that particular tip so much, I have practiced it since then.

Then 2 days ago, I asked my sister, Cynthia, how she used her hands and she didn't know. I decided there and then to share this post with you my dear friends and readers after teaching her the right thing. 

You have 2 hands, that's obvious. And as such they have 2 main functions, broadly classified. They are the personal-use hand and the social-use hand. Which is for what function then? Hmmmm..... Hold on, I'll tell you. 
  • The right hand is your SOCIAL hand. You use it to shake people, hold coffee/drinks. Most people in Africa write with their right hand. (We all can't be right handed)
  • The left hand is your PERSONAL hand: You use it when you sneeze, yawn, scratch e.t.c
Now, I also understand that some off these actions can be involuntary like sneezing. Others may not be helped like "how do you scratch your left arm with your left hand. However, most can be achieved especially if you have these at the back of your mind.
  • How would you feel if someone, picked their nose with their right hand and then shook you with it minutes later?
  • What if they have an infection, scratched and then transmitted it to you in a simple handshake?
  • If you are right hand and follow this rule, you won't be worried about passing germs to someone else by lending them your pen.
After all said, The most important thing is to maintain regular hand-washing with soap and water because our hands, whether left or right are never totally void of bacteria. Washing reduces the organism load and rate of transmission of diseases.

Finally, what good is it if we obey the rule of using separate hands for different things, if we don't adhere to washing them regularly? A single clap could rub it off on the other hand.


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