Monday, 16 December 2013


Some years ago, I would have said this theme is specific for guys and be comfy with that statement. Thank God I didn't start blogging then. Looking at things with a more matured mind now, has made me realize that sports is not exclusive to men. Women also participate in sports and excel at it. You know what they say.... "what a man can do, a woman can do better". No offence please. Just blogging.

There's something about guys and balls though, I wonder why? Almost all the sports they are involved in have something to do with balls. It's either football or basketball, baseball or tennis ball or golf balls. Like really? Anyone wants to take a guess as to why there must be balls in the name of the game? Anyway just kidding. There's also swimming, running, race cars, jumps, gymnastics, badminton e.t.c. They are countless. Meanwhile, let's get on with today's topic, the sports-inspired theme.

Creating a sports inspired theme would depend largely on the type of sports you love. It doesn't have to be only one meanwhile. You can love football and swimming at the same time. You also don't have to be involved physically in sports to get your themed space. You could just be a huge fan. Doesn't really matter. The best way to achieve your desired effect is by accessorizing. There are no specific color codes or how the furniture should look in particular. However, if you are not a great fan of any leagues or clubs and you want a general sports feel, painting the walls with either white, blue or light brown wouldn't be out of place.

  • Wall arts: You can never go wrong with these. They help you express exactly what it is you want. They range from wallpapers to decals to pictures to directly painting on the walls.
  • Rugs: You can actually get rugs with footballs drawn on them or one shaped like a ball
  • Throwpillows: Either get the regular square or rectangular throwpillows with pictures of sports element on them. Or if the elements are balls, make the pillows into that shape. That is round or cone-like with materials the color of the balls you want. The materials could be custom made.
  • Beddings and curtains: This is the easiest way to bring in this theme. Get a sport-inspired bedding and you are half way through.
  • Lightings: No specifics about lightings, but if you can get round ones then better.
  • Hardware: What better than to have the actual sports object like a baseball bat, the types of balls themselves or your racket on display?
Finally, it's not just enough to pick one accessory and think you've got yourselves a sports theme. you have to tie everything together. 



  1. Agree with the general drift of the blog! Loved the suggested decor! Anyone, boy or girl, would be delighted with both. Me - I'm just couch potato fan these days - but used to be a very strict referee for several sports (lacrosse, hockey, netball and tennis). Notice - there's a quite a bit of running involved in all those: referees don't necessarily do quite as much (and the refreshments afterwards gave one the required boost!!!!)

  2. Nice to meet you Isobel and thank you for commenting on my blog


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