Friday, 6 December 2013


Take a look at the topic of this post and please give me your answers in the comment section before you continue reading. Is wearing white clothing truly cost effective? Please don't tell me this is true because I loovveeee..... colors soooo much and I also don't like to feel like I'm wasting my money instead of spending it. You know there's a difference between wasting and spending right? (Topic for another day).

As you would have guessed by now, most of my post don't come through any specific portals. But from events that happen everyday, discussions with colleagues and family, things I think about or an experience I had or seen someone experience. So, as you would have it my brothers started their arguments again. One for, the other against, and the last a neutral zone. Since my last brother is now back, I happily relinquished the post of the third wheel to him. He does the job so much better than I in any case.

The argument for that day started with where they go to do their clothes shopping. My first brother, also known as "the hype man" (because he exalts everything he does and believes he has all the answers), decided white was the best color to have for all outfits. The second who is always on the against side of the arguments, for once decided to concur. That left the third neutral brother in a fix. He now had to argue against. 

The first two argued that the colored outfits fade with time and you'll need to buy and buy to replace the faded ones. The third (being a lawyer that has worn black and white for at least 6 years), claimed to be more experienced in dealing with white clothings. He argued that with continuous washing and wearing, the pure white outfit may begin to retain stains and become and off-whitish shade. He said it required high maintenance, since it can't be worn more than once before washing. He also argued that it is got a really bad stain, then you'd have to discard the outfit totally.

They all agreed that white outfits especially white shirts made a person look clean and smart. I guess I agree to that too. Anyway, I decided to share this with you and to get your opinions on the matter. Hit me up with your comments.



  1. Well I think I prefer a mix of both... white for a while then coloured clothes when white becomes too boring...

  2. White is great because it goes with everything! However, there are pros and cons for both your brothers' arguments too. Me - I like it in the summer, but find it too cold during the winter, although it's OK when mixed with other colours.

    So... no real opinion either way. Sorry!

    1. It's okay. It wasn't a great debate, just their usual banter. Cheers....


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