Thursday, 5 December 2013


The word contemporary may mean many different things, but in decorating, it simply means modern. To put it in another term, what is existing at the moment. The contemporary themed decor is associated with a streamlined look. It is in this type of decor you hear the term "less is more" and "minimalist". It is fresh, involves clean lines, (no much carvings and frilly stuff). It can be edgy on one end, when lots of metal, glass, marble are used. And soft, warm and inviting on the other with elements like wood, textiles and some color.

The decor that embodies the contemporary themed decor most is the Asian inspired theme. This is not to say that it can not be incorporated into some other types of decor, but the Asian theme pulls it off effortlessly. The architectural work of the minimalist decor is also remarkable albeit being some what simple. It comprises large open spaces with big windows or glass walls. It has enough storage so nothing looks out of place. The storage however, may not be conspicuous. It may be a drawer under the bed or sofa, or even under the stairs.

Now, let's begin the process of designing your brand new contemporary home. As always, we'll go through the different aspects like what color to use, types of furniture, lighting and of course, home accessories. 

COLORS: The colors to be used for this design usually come in the neutral tones like cream, light brown and white  for the background. A little color can be added for a POP! effect. This pop! of color can be seen on a rug, throwpillows, poufs or work of art. A feature wall may also be done to add more warmth to the space.

FURNITURE: The furniture has clean lines, and edges. No carving, ornamental features,ruffles or embroidery. They may come in different types of fabrics but the natural ones are preferred for the sofas to take of the hard look of the lines. Steel, leather, glass and marble are also used especially with coffee tables and dining. Some chrome may be added to the sofa, maybe at the bottom of it. SO it still retains some of its edginess. Light colored wood are used for the furniture. The are usually minimal in quantity took to avoid overcrowding of the space.

LIGHTING: Because most of these spaces may already have some architectural frame work of large windows, natural lighting is an important part in the contemporary design. However, if your don't have lots of natural lights streaming into your space, (even when you do, it gets dark at night), artificial lighting with sleek designs and clean lines are advised. They may also be placed in strategic locations to accentuate another feature in the space. No peacock or Santa Claus lamps please.

HOME ACCESSORIES: Finally, we are here, my best part in decorating.... accessories!!! This is where you get to add all the softness and warmth you want with this type of design. Your throwpillows, rugs, lamps, vases, clocks, artwork e.t.c all come in at this point. The key though, is not to overcrowd the space. You might end up with another design theme that you didn't bargain for.

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