Saturday, 8 February 2014


My people, I hail una! 
(Hello everyone!)

Because of the kasala wey follow dis tori,I go first knack am for pidgin English before I go come interpret am. Abeg, my foreign readers, make una nor vex. My blood dey hot dis afternoon. 
(Because of the gravity of this story, I'll first write it in pidgin English before I translate it to English for the sake of my non - Nigerian readers. Please bear with me, I'm pissed off this afternoon).

See me see trouble oh! Abeg if person nor fit read medicine for school, na im be say e go come dey waka about they copy one? Dis don become  new thing for our country Naija oh! I don dey hear stories of orderlies and hospital attendants wey commot for hospital go open their own clinics, come begin dey kill people like foul for Christmas day. Oya today na, I reach hospital come hear some doctors and nurses dey knack dis tori for emergency room. As e happen, dem rush in one patient from another place. (I neva know whether na hospital abi na hotel, because the letter headed paper of the referral letter still dey confuse me). I be wan copy the letter come type for here but I decide to snap am because our people say "seeing is believing". Oya na the letter dey down. 

Una go remember say I don first talk dis kain matter before when I dey hala our book systems. Dat one na say dem tell patient make e write letter of apology. Me I nor come know which language she choose take write am, because I nor sure say na English be dat one. Dis na the link to dat post for here. You see na, I dey hala say smoke dey my neighbour house, I nor know say my own don catch fire. Shebi oyibo say na pot wey dey call kettle black be dat. Make I for nor wori una well well, I still put the apology letter for here.

Wetin me wan talk be say, make our government open their eyes down, shine am oh! Because nor be only people wey carry gun dem dey call thief! Shikena. Gbam! Na so my tok reach today. I go see una anoda time.


English Version:
Look at this problem! Please if an individual couldn't study medicine in school, should they go about impersonating as a doctors? This has become a new trend in my country. I have heard of stories where orderlies and hospital attendants leave the hospital to start up their own clinics and pose as doctors. They proceed to killing people like they are chickens for Christmas day celebrations. Today, when I got to the hospital, I heard some doctors and nurses talking about a story in the ER. Apparently, a patient had been rushed in from another place.  (I can't tell if the place was a hospital or a hotel from the letter headed paper of the referral letter that the patient brought. I'm still confused). I wanted to copy out the letter to show you but I decided to take a photo of it instead. As they say "seeing is believing".

You might also remember that I've written something similar to this in the past. Back then, I was attacking the poor educational system in Nigeria. That case was about a patient who was told to write a letter of apology for missing her clinic day. (Not all patients are told to do this meanwhile. Hers was a curious case). I don't know what language she chose to write it in, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't English. The letter has also been included in this post (above - last letter). Let me know what language you think it is. Lol. You see, I was busy castigating my neighbours (educational system) for the smoke in their house, little did I know that my own house (health care system) was on fire. Is this not a case of pot calling kettle black?

What I want to say is this "our government should better be careful because, it isn't only those who carry ammunition that are called thieves. I have said my bit. Until next time



  1. Still laughing. Great referral. Used to work close to that part of the state. There are a lot of such clinics / hospitals / hotels/ morgues down there, run by people you can't classify. Their management never changes: 5+ antibiotics, 3+ analgesics, fluids and then referral for an "ENSSTRAY". No let your blood boil too much dear, you will see more. Laura

    1. My dear, it's simply unbelievable. God help us. Thanks for your comment


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