Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hey there everyone! 

It feels so good to be back, and I want to say thank you for your warm welcome. I have so much to tell you but you'll have to wait. They'll come a bit at a time. Today's news is about my work. As most of you already know, I'm into interior design and one aspect I love most is designing beddings, which is how I started. Lately, I started considering producing the beddings in batches rather than randomly. Then I thought about releasing them in seasons just the way it's done on fashion runways. 

This is my strategy for this year, let's see how it goes. For my part spring collection, the inspiration came from an outfit "Jessica" wore in the season 3 of  "suits". The design looked like a bud was forming, growing into the other part of the top. Immediately, my mind related it to budding in flowers during spring hence - the spring collection. However, I couldn't well come out with only one design and call it a collection. Next, I took a good look at the design again and it looked like a semi circle. Then, I thought, I could have this in any shape, it just had to be a semi of the shape and it had to be budding. The theme for my 2014 spring collection is therefore THE SEMI-SHAPE BUDDING DESIGNS. 

Here's what they look like. Let me know what you think of it.

More patterns will be added as soon as they are made. 



  1. They are lovely...uld feel sleepy immediately..and whats that semicircle design?adds flavour to the design!!

    1. Thanks a lot Rashidah, I appreciate your support

  2. I love this Bed sheets Designs , and i love it Thank you for that


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