Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hello friends,

I know I took off again without warning last month and I'm so sorry. I'm pretty sure you'd forgive me when you get to know my reasons, and I promise this time, I'm back for good. I've got some awesome news! Guess what? I'm getting married!!! It is a hectic business, believeee me! *phew*. I'm planning it myself, with help from my fiance and family of course. On top of all that, I'm still working (medical practice and interior design business), so something had to give, unfortunately, it was blogging.

This is my invitation card, customized to a scroll

A brief rundown of the whole show is a s follows: 
  • A typical Christian Nigerian has to have 2 weddings, the traditional then the church, or what we popularly call "white" wedding. Now most Nigerians leave their villages to the cities in search for greener pastures and livelihood. So, imagine this; you are in a city and you and your family have made friends. It's time to get married and you have to travel back to the village for the traditional rites (I think especially for the Igbos, I don't know). These rites confirm that the entire extended family agreed to the marriage. To me, that's already a destination wedding.
  • The church wedding can hold wherever you choose. For the sake of convenience, some people choose a town close to their villages or even use the villages themselves.
  • These days, court wedding has been added as mandatory by the church, So you marry your husband 3 times. 
Now this is my situation, I live in a city almost to the western part of Nigeria, My fiance is in the northern region and we are both from the east. The traditional marriage must hold in the east and we want the church in the place where he lives. So I have to plan both weddings 3 weeks apart in 2 different parts of the country.

Anyway, not planning to bore you more than I already have, so I'll stop right here. Will keep you posted. Wish me luck!



  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

    I hope it's not to stressful planning all those weddings!

    1. Thank you Luna, It is very stressful but I'm thankful for helpful friends and family.

  2. awww..Congrats Keren. Happy for you. Please tell us the dates as soon as you can so we can 'save the date'.lol

    1. Thank you Ib dear. Are you in Nigeria? The trad is next week Friday, May 16th. The white is on June 7th.

  3. Congratulations Keren!!! Don't worry I'm sure you'll figure out how to plan all 3. Your scrolls are really nice!!

    Thanks for all your recommendations. I truly appreciate :)

    1. Thanks a lot Tonia. Just concluded the trad


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