Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Certified or legalized?
This was the question I asked my BBM friends after the celebration of the court wedding yesterday. One person replied - "certified", another said - "court registered" (note that this wasn't even one of the options) and the last person actually gave a statement. the statement is as follows; "Now you are traditionally bonded, legally bonded and soon to be spiritually amalgamated". Lol. Many others just congratulated me.

The court wedding wasn't nearly as exciting as the traditional wedding, and there were a bundle of us wedding on the same day. (This is what you usually see in some catholic church weddings). The wedding was a whole lot of pledges and oath-taking and then... it was over. We had 2 witnesses (1 for each of us), and 2 other friends in attendance. So it was a very small event. Everyone involved was working, so they all had to rush back to work immediately after the ceremony.

Let me also give you the gist of my dress selection. (Remember, I hadn't bought it as at the time my last post went out). Because I had to wait for my new hubby to close from work before going shopping, we got to the mall when most shops were closing up for the day. As such I didn't have a variety to chose from. Infact,only one shop had dresses in my size. (I'm an American size 4 oh! can you imagine that? apparently I'm too tiny. *rolling my eyes*). I found only 2 dresses that I actually liked. The first one was a simple white dress with navy blue flowers. It had pink lining too and pockets! But my "oga at the top" wasn't having it. The second was army green with some box-like detailing, a belt to cinch in the waist and pockets too! I was in love simply because I'm partial to green. (You see green is my best color, then purple and ash in that order. Orange, I use as my pop of color. I have never been one of the little girls that liked pink or red. To me, it was too cliche, still is for that matter). I still wanted the white though, because I felt it situated the occasion better. Hence, the kpalava of choosing the right dress arose. Take a look at the pictures to see which one we finally chose. (I wasn't going to get both of them because we are up to our neck in expenses made and yet to be made).



Signing the marriage register

Legally bonded

I guess the green paid off. I love to match things, so you ca only imagine my joy when I saw the color of the scroll case for the marriage certificate. It was a perfect match with my sandals, wristwatch and earrings!

Thanks for reading and remain blessed.


  1. Nearly there! Can't wait for the final installment - or stage?

    1. Yea, Isobel. Can't wait to be done with it. I'll have lots of fund memories!!! Thanks for commenting

  2. Nice one doc. Av fun with it.


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