Monday, 19 May 2014


Hey friends,

My last post was about planning my weddings, well I've got one down and two to go. The traditional marriage was on the 16th of May (2 days after my birthday - May 14th) and it was a huge success. I had family and friends as a solid support. The day didn't go without a few hiccups though as with every great occasion. 

The first was when the DJ didn't show-up on time. the event was supposed to start at 12 noon, and that was when the DJ thought it convenient to arrive. Next was the video and photo coverage guy, he came at 1 O' clock! Can you beat that? He missed all my hair and makeup shots. The in-laws came at 2 pm. At this point, I was soooo mad!!! Anyway, the event kicked off immediately after their arrival. Did I mention that some of my colleagues from work had to travel for about 4 hours to make it to my village and had to go back that same day? So naturally, at 2 pm, they were beginning to agitate about leaving. I succeeded in keeping them till about 5 pm (not on purpose of course, but with pleas). I needed some of the ladies for my asheobi group.

Old Traditional Igbo attire

With old trad Asheobi group
Offering food for money

With friends from school

The ceremony started at 3:30 pm, I had to dance out 3 times. The 1st time with the traditional Igbo attire to offer food to people for which they put in some money in exchange. The 2nd time, to greet and wave at everyone. I chose an Indian attire for this and the last appearance in he modern Igbo traditional outfit to look for my husband and present him to my parents. The blessings were given at this point and then, it's dance till your leg hurts. lolll.....
Indian attire
Indian asheobi group with a glimpse of the modern trad Igbo asheobi group

Dolled up - Modern Igbo trad attire
Looking for the right man
Found him - My better half

My parents, digging it
Blessing time 

Getting our groove on
So thirsty after dancing

Kiss kiss

Play time

Let the pictures tell the story.....

*P.S. Just had time for this little post. The court wedding is tomorrow and I'm yet to buy my dress. Ciao


  1. Lovely pix dear, so so happy 4 u. Sori some of us couldn't be there. Glad to hv a glimpse of it. And d beat goes on ryt :D. Next stop Abj! Ochabs

  2. HML Doc,wishing Ʋ d very best in ur marriage.

  3. Correct! Nice groove! Reminds me of my own day... it's such a lovely experience

  4. HML, God's blessings

  5. Beautifully written. It felt as if I was there witnessing this. Wishing you a great married life :)

  6. Looked and sounded great. Best wishes for the next two ceremonies and for your life together


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