Saturday, 21 June 2014


A few days ago, while getting ready to leave for the airport, (travelling for my honeymoon, sorry our honeymoon- I keep forgetting it's not just me these days), I was chatting with my sister-in-law to be Vivian and this is how it went;

Vivian: please are you in Benin?

Me: I'm travelling for my hm today". Thought I told you yesterday

Vivian: To Benin, nope you didn't. Where?

Me: I did, scroll up, you even replied.
        To Kenya, then Seychelles.

Vivian: Nope, I no see am oh, safe trip ok.
             You deserve it oh *hugs *
             OK! Hm means honeymoon!
             *ROTFL* (this means rolling on the floor laughing if you didn't already know)
             Didn't get it oh, just saw it. (She finally saw our previous chat).
Me: Thanks, lol, and you replied "still honeymooning"
        So I thought you understood.

Vivian: Nne oh, lol, na so na (means" that's it")
             Na so person tell me your SIL
             I think say na insult (apparently she thought the person meant "you're silly", lol)

Me: Hahahaha

Vivian: Na later I see say it meant "sister-in-law"

Me: Lmao

Vivian: I tell you! That's why I ask oh, Lol

Me: True

Vivian: Na small thing dey make person fail
             Safe trip oh
             You need it.
Then she sent me this photo

So the next time you see an abbreviation and you have no idea what it means, please ask.I can't tell you how many I encountered when I just got my BlackBerry phone. Abbreviations like "brb" meaning be right back or "smh" - shaking my head. It's just funny. Until another time....



  1. Amaechi she's ur sister in law not ur sister in law to be. Ʋ Ʀ married Lol

    1. My chief at the top my hubby doesn't have a sister. she is my elder brother's wife to be.


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