Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Hey everybody

So, I was watching style network one day (actually this week) and the dark fashion guy that talks on trench coat came up during one of their intermissions and Iaid "skinny jeans are out of fashion and Now it's time for straight cut or bootleg jeans or something like that. I was like "what!" I've never been a fan of skinny jeans, but I don't quite agree with his point of view.

I reremember perfectly well in the 80's when I was a child and my aunties used to wear all those skinny jeans. I remember because I was always one of the kids called upon at the end of the day to drag it off their feet. Then I grew up and it was straight cut, bythe time I was in the university, it was boot-leg and when I was getting out of the university seven years later, (I studied medicine, that's why it took so long, lol). So you see fashion keeps changing over the decades. We are all different, created to be that way. A few group of people known as stylist shouldn't determine what the rest of the world should wear. This however, doesn't give you the license to dress badly.

I believe fashion should be versatile not just about the current trends. So go out there and be a trendsetter instead, be your own individual because everyone else is taken. I know i'll continue to rock any kind of jeans I have, whether it's skinny or straight, bootleg or baggy, cropped or folded or even jagged edge depending on the occasion and my mood.

Adios pals

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