Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hey there fashion lovers,
A few weeks ago, I was interested in finding out whether wearing tight bras causes cancer or not. Read here. I came to the conclusion that maybe it was wearing it for more than 12 hours in a day. Now I'm almost very sure that you are wondering what must have brought on this topic. Well, that's a mystery for me to know and for you to find out. A little hint though; someone asked a question.

To the topic of the day, if you've got big boobs then this is not for you, for all you need to do is wear a bra, push-up or not and you've got them (cleavage). However, you may continue reading if you know anyone who this post is for and wish to help. Those called the "flat-chested" or "small-breasted" females. If you are in this group,  then by all means, read on.

You'll need two objects;
  • An invisible bra

  • A push up bra
Both of these should be your exact size, meaning they should fit properly. The invisible bra are those stick-on bras that have no straps or back hooks. The cup size is what you need.  The push-up bra should be your size, not too small. Buying a size too small doesn't make any difference but cause you chest pain. It also makes it look like you are trying too hard. 

  • First put on the invisible bra, making sure it holds your breasts in place, including your side boob. This sets the basis for the cleavage creation. 
  • Next, put on your push-up bra as you would ordinarily do. Make sure the invisible bra isn't peeking out of the corners of your bra. 
And voila!  There you have it, cleavage for the small-breasted lady. Use it for those weddings, dinners or night on the town. It doesn't have to be worn for longer than 12 hours if you don't want to wear tight bras. 


*P.S* watch this space for how to look full-chested with figure 8 with everyday dressing up. Coming soon.......

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