Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello everyone,

Yep, Nigeria is out of the world cup and Nigerians are pissed and I'm just having fun with it like many other Nigerians. I just had to wait a little longer to get almost everyone's reaction to the news before posting this blog. I had a similar post out here when they lost their very first match in the tournament. You can only now imagine what happened after we lost out to France. I started gathering pictures from Facebook and Blackberry DPs. Take a look. I think the most hate went to Mikel Obi and Joseph Yobo (he scored the own goal). Lots of love went to Vincent Enyeama, the goal keeper and Osawe Odemwingie. 

Some comments followed but I can only remember the one below;
  • To achieve your Own Goal, text 'YOBO' to 3074.
  • After their return from Brazil world cup, the Super Eagles were so ashamed of their defeat that they decided to disguise themselves so as not to be recognized. Mikel disguised himself as a monk and was walking on the street when suddenly an old lady walked up to him and said "Mikel how far na?" Mikel was so surprised that he ran away, annoyed that the old woman could recognize him despite his disguise. Disappointed, he went home and dressed as a pregnant woman. Again, he bumped into the same old lady and she said, "Mikel how far na? see as you just run the other day". Confused and frustrated, Mikel asked "but mama, how do you keep recognizing me despite my disguises?" The old lady replied, "Hahahahaha, Mikel na wa for you oh, look me well na, It's me Yobo".
  • Slow bank: another name for First bank! that elephant should be a snail or better still, Mikel Obi's face.

Another Friend doing it the Juju way.
My friend getting drunk to drown out her misery

Anyway, Welcome home Eagles, better luck next time. Make sure you train better and no coach confusion pleaseeeee......

Until later, Bye Guys

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