Monday, 6 October 2014


Two days ago, I posted this article, (something about stolen goods from checked in luggage in some airlines in Nigeria arik air to be precise). That was my personal experience, along with a few other people's. Today I want to share my husband's experience, which until now, I didn't know happened to my father and brother on their way to my wedding. My brother brushed that experience aside thinking it was a trick until he heard what happened to my hubby. 


On his way to the east from Abuja, he decided to take a flight (aero contractors) to Owerri (the closest town to the village). He got to the airport a few minutes before take off, and was told by the lady at the check-in counter that he had already missed his flight. He immediately decided to buy another ticket to travel, while he paid the necessary charges to postpone/re-route the already missed flight. Since the current flight he missed probably didn't have another one for that morning, he decided to buy the air ticket from a different airline, or travel to another close location by the same airline. As he approached the second airline (arik air), some workers from the first one (aero) told him to buy a ticket from them. They said there was now an available flight leaving in an hour to Owerri. He bought the ticket (of course at a higher price with the help of the boys from the same lady that told him he missed his flight). At this point he was beginning to suspect foul play. He was given his boarding pass, rushed through the checking in point with the idea that the plane was about to take off. When he got to the final check-in/scanning point, he asked the man there about the time of take off. He was told 1 hour. He then decided to compare his receipt of the old flight with his boarding pass and realized that it was for the same exact plane that he had been told he missed. All hell broke loose. (My hubby is the calm type, so if something made him loose it, enough for him to say "he raised dust in the airport"; then it can't be good).

The man immediately denied any form of association with the guys he procured the ticket from. They insisted that he won't be allowed into the flight for patronizing touts. When they saw that he wasn't going to relent, somehow, they "knew" the boys and collected his money. When he presented the boarding pass they gave him, the airline people decided to tell him that it was a fake. Understand this please! in other words, we now have "agberos" (touts) in the Nigerian airports. I was shocked, pissed and fuming when he narrated his experience. It brought up the bitter bile I forced myself to swallow after my experience. I just couldn't bring myself around to swallowing it again, hence this out-pour.

The gist about the last blog post came up in the family and that is how I got to hear of my brother's experience. Almost the same scenario, a few minutes to take off and he is told that he has missed his flight. This time it was arik air. (I wonder why it is only arik air that flies the Benin - Abuja route. He told the officer in charge that it wasn't possible and an argument ensued. The check-in counter officer asked him if he hadn't received the sms that was sent a day prior, informing them that the flight has been moved forward. My brother went back to ask my dad if he received any such sms. They looked through his recent messages and saw nothing. He went back to the counter and told them that there was no receipt of such an sms. The guy simply said sorry but you have missed your flight. My brother, (calm as usual) said to him, "go over there and tell my dad that he has missed his flight because he didn't get your sms". The young man look around my brother at my dad, look back at my brother and said "hurry! the flight would soon take off". Now can you believe that? That a flight is on ground and we are constantly been told that it has taken off, just because we can't see the tarmac to confirm for ourselves.

Our airports are now a den of liars, thieves and fraudulent persons. The airline staff and operators are no different. Why should the excuse for the fact that my wristwatch that was stolen from inside my checked-in luggage be that I should have carried my valuables on my person. The last time, I asked you who determines what is valuable or not to me? I didn't get your response to that, so I say this (especially to the airlines and its managers);

  • If I decide to carry a bag of stones because I need it at my final destination for something important, does it not become valuable?
  • Are valuables only things of high monetary value?
  • On my way back from Seychelles, I carried with me some shells I got at the beach to decorate my home with. In terms of monetary value, those shells were expensive in Seychelles. Now, if it was stolen, have you not stolen something valuable to me? In case you don't know, you have stolen my time and energy and of course money, for I may decide to make something with it and sell at a profit.
  • What if I carry a roll of tissue with me, I get off the plane and I'm on my way home and my stomach decides to act up, the only place close by doesn't have tissue to spare. I remember that I carried one with me and I run to get and it's missing. Does that bit of paper not become valuable? You have just stolen my dignity and respect.
  • How about I have a Dolce and Gabanna suit worth $6000, It's an outfit right? (does outfit fall under the non-valuables?) Anyway, I put it in my luggage and it is stolen! What does that amount to?
The problem I have realized, with a sad heart is the fact that many of us Nigerians are too complacent. We give up too early even before thinking to do anything about the situation. A lot of these people continue doing the wrong thing, and sadly, most of the time, they get away with it. Yes! we live in a corrupt society. Yes! our leaders (no matter the position they hold, are usually oppressors). This doesn't mean we can't rise up together and take a stand for the right thing. Think about it.



  1. Part of the problem is that we don't name and shame. By the time we start naming and shaming and suing, airlines will pick up. Also I use a timer lock on my bag/boxes but I try to look at my bag to check for any evidence of tamper. In all we need greater action by citizens against any form of impunity

    1. Daniel you are right and this is the time for that action. That you don't fly is not an excuse, because one day, something that belongs to you may be stolen from your relation's luggage.

  2. The biggest challenge in dealing with issues to have positive results in Nigeria is that most Nigerians neglect vital news until they are directly affected. It's sad that most Nigerians who have received this kind of disgusting, annoying and unacceptable news would not be proactive to make the awareness viral via all media available to them. This is our fight, let's face it head-on. I'm doing my part already and i've posted via Facebook and other social media available to me...

    1. Thank you Mr. Osunde, I appreciate your efforts.

  3. @Daniel, how does the timer lock work? And where can one get it?
    @Dr Keren, please could you tell us which airline as Daniel has implied?
    This is so annoying!

  4. Last comment was by me, Jide

    1. @Jide & Daniel sorry for the oversight. I have added it to the blog post now. My husband experienced it with aero contractors, while my brother's experience was with arik air.

  5. It's a fight against evil in Nigeria. Please share to all your contacts because it might be you or your relation. If you don't use flights now, doesn't mean you will never.



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