Monday, 6 October 2014


Hey there everyone,

Yesterday, I was so bored, I decided to check out some stuff on facebook, see who has decided to go crazy and who is still sane, (just joking). I stumbled upon a discussion (actually a heated argument) concerning the president of #CAN, pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and the said $9.3m money laundering. The argument started because someone was asking for patience from Nigerians for South Africa to conclude their investigations before persecuting the pastor. Many people reacted to that statement in many ways. Some for against and others pro-Ayo. 

Many cited instances where patience has led us nowhere, like in the cases of Stella Oduah or Diezani Alison Madueke. Should I talk of Farouk and the subsidy money? What about that guy that stole pension  funds worth N2.3billion? Did I forget to mention Diepreye Alamieyeseigha? He's now running for senate. The list is endless. My point of discussion is however, not for these ones. 

I have refrained from writing anything about the matter, for two reasons. 
1) He is a "man of God" and Go said "touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm" (1 Chronicles 16:22)
2) God also said "Judge not that ye may not be judge." (Matthew 7).

That said, I just have a few questions to ask?
  • Why was the jet leased out in the first place? I thought it was "private"? When did it become a commercial thing?
  • Who made money from the leasing, someone asked? Well, not sure it was the church. Many people say, it is his and he can do what ever he wants with it.
  • Another person said private jets are expensive to maintain, so instead of leaving it in the hanger, it was better to lease it out. Also that he already leased it out 1 month prior to the incident. I don't think it is by force to accept all gifts, or to keep it after accepting if it becomes a burden. Sometime ago, on TV, the pastor came on air to justify the reasons why private jets have become a necessity for the men of God. He said they needed it to meet up with their numerous duties and appearing in many crusades, without having to be disappointed by our wonderful airlines. I understand this, but if he needed it to carry out all these functions, why lease it out for more than 1 month now?
  • Can money transfer not be done electronically? I thought we are now in the jet age, where cashless society is the order of the day. Why transport that amount of money in cash?
  • The FG accepts that they borrowed the plane, I thought the FG had up to 11 planes in their fleet?
  • What are the major arms dealing countries in the world? How many of them do you really need to pass through South Africa to get to? 
  • If they were really going to buy arms to combat the bokos, why was there no military personnel in the plane? Shebi, them for at least help to inspect wetin them they buy?
  • Finally, Does our leaders think that all Nigerians are fools?
Be warned guys, I don't know anything about the South African judiciary system, but.hmhm.... *clears throat*. The law is not always about truth. The winner or loser is derived from how much evidence is brought up against or for you. So, whatever the outcome, I will accept it, God is the ultimate judge. I take my bow at this point.



  1. Well... arms business is seducing everybody . A pastor is still human and human needs money .

    Cashless is no good as it will leave tracks in the bank . Cash will be the best way if you don't want someone to know about the transactions

  2. He is a big time pentecostal pastor, who is also the president of CAN, money cannot be his problem. Secondly, why should hide the money trail if the deal is legit as they claim?


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