Monday, 13 October 2014


Hello boys and girls,

I know this title sounds very harsh, but well, I had to get a catchy title and then please allow me to explain what I mean. I'll begin by stressing that ebola is a virus, so basically, it is a non-living thing until it comes in contact with living tissues. It is not capable of  transmitting itself. It has to be transmitted from person to person. When I started thinking of writing this post, I wanted to blame it all on the Liberians, afterall, they are the ones that spread it to Nigeria and now the United States of America. Then, I thought about the reactions of the Nigerians when it hit us (not very helpful). I now remembered how the Americans transported the infected doctors back to the USA for treatment and finally, the missionaries from Spain. I decided it was a human problem.

Let me now begin the gist by saying that at the onset of the outbreak, the Liberians didn't believe that ebola was real. They believed it was a plot by their government to get funding from the west. And truly I don't blame them for that. My explanation and possible excuse for their reaction is written here. Because of their lack of belief, ignorance, and maybe fear, they continued to mingle with people who had been infected. They went as far as bursting them out of the quarantine centre. The disease continued to spread like wild fire.

Then, ebola came into Nigeria via a traveler from Liberia. He knew he had come in contact with people that had or died from the disease, still he travelled to Nigeria hiding this information. In his mind, he wanted a better treatment (or so said his wife). When the Liberian, Patrick Sawyer collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, he didn't volunteer the information and he even denied that he was travelling from Liberia and that he came in contact with an ebola patient. The diagnosis was made on a high index of suspicion and lab tests. The news broke and some people who had come in contact with the index patient were quarantined. Still, a nurse who should have known better, escaped surveillance and travelled to another part of the country exposing more people to the virus. Even a Nigerian diplomat did the same and a doctor helped him conceal it. As you'll find here.

It seemed Nigerians and the world had it under control until it showed up in America via a traveler from Liberia. He too didn't volunteer the information that he had been to Liberia recently or had contact with an ebola patient when he developed a fever. This is the latest issue of the ebola spread that is holding the world to ransom. A few days after that, I heard of the nurse in Spain that caught it from attending to the missionaries that travelled from Sierra leone.

This whole story reminds me of an animated movie I watched "Osmosis Jones". It's funny that the movie depicted the virus as the culprit. It was made to have a mind of its own and a set target. What is also great about this movie is that they made us understand that it was the human who took the virus into his body, knowingly or unknowingly. This ebola virus has no emotions or brain. It has been built that way to replicate and destroy once it comes in contact with living cells. Finally, we humans are to blame because through various means, we have aided the spread of the disease. While the blacks are spreading it through fear, disbelief and ignorance, the whites are spreading it through overconfidence in their ability to combat it.

To me, the best way to fight it and win, is to take the war to where it all begun and not trying to rescue a few injured men at a time. Send the relief to the affected countries and deal with it there. The war is not over until it is truly over.



  1. woww.. such a profound insight to human being . Really like your writing...


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