Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hello everyone,

Yesterday, as I surfed the internet, I decided to check out facebook. A friend of mine asked a question. It goes this way, " Am I the only one in Nigeria that doesn't follow Linda Ikeji's blog? I'm totally lost." Some people actually didn't know who she was, while others like myself explained to them. Until that discussion came up, I haven't heard of the news that Google had shut down Linda Ikeji's blog for plagiarism. Don't be surprised by this by the way, some of the people who didn't know her are doctors.

If you didn't know, doctors, (well, most of them, not all) are a group of very intelligent people who have chosen to live under a rock most of their lifetime, with big books and only come out to interact with their immediate, immediate, extra immediate environment, (sometimes, even when they are on various forms of social media). This definition includes me to some extent. For example, I didn't even know what a blog was until 2 years ago when someone +Dupsie Otoide  encouraged me to try using it to market my business. Prior to that, a friend of mine, +Jumoke Ahubelem Ojo has had one for years, told me about it and I just filtered it out. My followership on twitter is less than 150 and I haven't fully understood instagram till now, and I didn't know about Linda Ikeji until last year.  lol. To further emphasize what I mean by doctors living under a rock, a doctor I knew was so busy with her books, she was the best student, but she didn't know the name of the present vice president of the country at that time.

All that gist just now is just a digression, now on to the main gist. When I heard the news, my first question was, "how does one plagiarize news?" It's news for goodness sake! It's already out there. It's almost like CNN showing up and saying "BBC stole our news". It's funny. Next, I hear it's photos she plagiarized. I don't know how true that is, but I've learnt that in this business of blogging or is it cyber reporting/news, you've got to give credit to whom it is due.

Less than 24 hours after I hear the news of the plagiarization and shutting down of her blog, Linda Ikeji's blog is restored. Now, this is what I have to say; (it's quite a bit, so please be patient):

  • Linda Ikeji started her blog from scratch when other people where too busy copying other people's ideas of making both money and a name for themselves. I watched an interview once where she talked about how she started. She used to go to the cybercafe back then, buy time slots and type her blog because she didn't have a laptop, there were no smart phones on the go like we have today and internet access was a luxury.
  • She saw an open market, strategized, saw what the future probably had in stock and took a leap of faith. Today it has paid her and people want to break they heads because she bought a jeep worth millions.
  • She is an inspiration to many Nigerian bloggers to tell you the truth. I blog as you know, and to tell you the truth, it is not and easy job. Try seating down for long hours, typing something people would actually want to read and you'd understand.
  • Finally, what I see from all this is plain and simple - JEALOUSY!!! with a capital J. If you want to buy brand new millions (not million) dollar jeep, carry computer go sit down they type. Open blog, it's free, then see how easy the cash flows in. Mtscheeeewwwww....... Bad belle people. 
To +Linda Ikeji and every blogger out there, Do not plagiarize, be it content, music or photo. Blogging is all about being original. To all them wicked bad belle people, understand this, She is already at the top and fighting hard to remain there, so just give up. you may never win. People will continue to follow and read her blog. And guess what, you only succeeded in making her more popular. Even some doctors now know her.

I am done writing, re-reading and editing, about to send out the post and I see this m=1
What I'm I to think of it? Is this a love gone sour at one point in time? You know how scorned boyfriends can be. Well, That is not my kettle of fish. My major issue is this, when you are pointing a finger at someone, three are pointing back at you. Trying to put someone down might only spiral them way above you.

I don tire to write, adios fellas.



  2. Not just a good writer, but an intellectual as well. The philosophy you chose to write on holds true any day. Trying to pull people down does propel them to the top if they haven't tried to pull anyone down to get where they are. If you don't know how God took them to the top then trust me you can't know how to bring them down from there.

    You're a good writer and an intellectual too. I'm not fawning. Its true

    1. Thank you Iroko. True @ "if they haven't tried to pull anyone down to get to where they are".


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