Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been away for sometime. Had a little technical (internet) difficulty. It just refused to connect. had to go to the offices of those in charge to reset it, plus I had presentation issues to sort out at work. So to the gist of today. Today is the Nigerian independence day, and many citizens have got mixed feelings. Some don't know whether to celebrate or not, while others asked for a reason to celebrate. I, on the other hand, just want to put a smile on your face, independence or no. 

Earlier today, I was joking around with words, and I asked the question, "who decides what word is wrong and which is right?" Why should the plural of "chief" be "chiefs" and that of "thief" be "thieves"? Afterall, they are almost the same spelling, and they are both nouns. Again, why should some words not have direct past tense? Why should the past tense of some words end with the suffix -ed and others be a totally different word. For example, the past of "catch" or "cut" looks exactly like the past tense of "teach" but for a single alphabet, meanwhile, the primary words don't look alike in anyway or belong to same group. I went on to form some words of mine. Like, the past tense of "off" should be "offed" and the plural form should be "offs". LOL!!!

This now brings me to the final gist. I've been gathering some hilarious teacher-student test results/responses; Have a look and ROTFL. Cheers....

So guys, take the edge off and relax! Laugh off the midweek stress. Don't forget,laughter has its benefits



  1. I just got over with my exams a few days before and I must say that this is hilarious :D Good job.

    1. Thank you Sakshi, I hope your exams went well. Cheers


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