Friday, 3 October 2014


Hey guys,

I have a funny gist to share with you today. (I hope these recent posts doesn't make me a jester, LOL). Anyway, so I was gisting with a colleague of mine some days ago and she told me that it is only Nigerians that answer questions with questions. I didn't quite catch her meaning until she told me the story I'm about to share with you and I actually listened to myself and people around me communicate.

The story went like this: 
A white man was planning to travel to Nigeria, and he was informed by his friends that Nigerians answer almost every question with a question. (I guess he didn't believe it). He set out to find out if it was really true. (That research didn't last a day). He got to Nigeria, saw a Nigerian and asked, "Is it true that Nigerians answer questions with questions?" He got this reply: "Who told you?" He kindly thanked the fellow and walked away. He already got his answer.

Shortly after I heard that story, I began to pay more attention to how conversations are carried out in Nigeria. For example, I am guilty as charged. Below are a few of my experiences;

Last week, I went for a party, and typically, there was a mad rush for food. A friend of mine approached me and asked: "won't you go and collect your food?" My response was "Am I crazy?" She understood and walked away laughing. She obviously translated it to mean I can't be caught in that kind of situation. (She was right).

Today, my brother asked me |Do you want to buy hangers?" My reply was "For what now?" It is just too funny. Right now I think it is only in Nigeria that people carry out full conversations mainly by asking questions and deducing the meaning themselves. In fact, maybe rhetorical questions were made for us.

Normally, I would go into writing so much on the reason for this behaviour, but I think it also makes us unique in our own way. The truth though is that many Nigerians don't trust anyone, so before they give you an answer, they like to know your reasons for asking the question. I don't think that's such a bad thing or is it?

Let me know what you think..

Cheers guys.....


  1. Why do u want to know what I think???lol...that caps it all..hehehe

  2. Do u really want to know what I think?

    1. Why do you think I'm asking you the question? You guys are killing me! Lol....

  3. Dis is why naija no dey advance, because we don't have trust for one another. Who is to blame?

  4. well can u blame us for not trusting each other?

    1. Truth be told? Hmm! you really can't.


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