Thursday, 29 January 2015

5 Reasons why Nigeria May Already be Prepared for Islamization

As the elections draw closer and closer, conversations are becoming heated with everyone trying to make the other person see reason as to why they should vote a certain candidate and not the other. Friends and family members have been torn apart because they hold different views of who to elect. There have been name calling on facebook and other forms of social media, even by those who don't know a thing about each other. Prominent among these arguments are the issues of religion, ethnicity and political party. However, I think I should point out (just for the record), that we should focus more on issues like security and corruption. These are the main reasons why many people who took to the deep blue sea (GEJ) in 2011, in hope of a rescue ship, are running straight for the devil (GMB), even for the chance of a little warmth from the freezing cold.

Right at the top of the religious arguments, is the fact that GMB would Islamize Nigeria once he gets into office. It is the strategy that many southerners and Christians have used to garner votes for the incumbent president. Severally, I have said that one thing Nigerians fear most (after starvation) is death. We would rather retain the status quo than fight for freedom. We watch and allow them take all our money and waste our resources. We say' "they can only kill the body and not the soul" in the name of Christianity, not thinking that we are losing our souls by condoning and concealing what is killing and would possibly kill many more Nigerians. 2 weeks ago, I received a message on bbm, it wrote on how GMB would islamize the country if he ever became the president of the country. The message talked about how countries like Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Sudan e.t.c. became islamized and every Christian eradicated. Being a person who doesn't just swallow everything I'm told hook, line, sinker, fisherman and boat, I decided to read up on the histories of these countries. Let us back track a bit if you please. From childhood, we have read the Bible stories, we had read about Egypt and Israel, and then we read about Jesus Christ. So from history, the Egyptian weren't Christians to start with. What we had were Jews and gentiles, maybe some pagans. Christianity spread throughout the world after Jesus Christ came. Islam came after Christianity. The difference is that while the Christians gained followers by preaching the word, the Muslims took it by force (much like what we are seeing in most parts of northern Nigeria), the same way the above named countries became islamic nations. What I see therefore, is that the Christians in Nigeria can only be islamized or wiped out by force (combat). If this is the case, then let us take a look at what has been happening in our country. These are the reasons that made me decide that we may already have been prepared for islamization.

  1. In the last 6 years, starting from 2009, when that female corper was killed in Borno state, very little has been done to combat the actions of the boko haram sect. The activities of BH didn't start with GEJ'S tenure, but it certainly became worse. I have heard of many excuses from how it is an impossible task to fight terrorism to how GEJ is been sabotaged by the northern rulers. One question though, did president Barrack Obama inherit the al qeada? Yes. Did he do something about it? Yes. It's supposed to be that simple. Long story short, BH has gained more spunk in the last 6 years.
  2. How often have you heard that the Nigerian army has been compromised? Frankly, it is disheartening. To think that the people we should look to for protection, are the ones selling us out. Remember the Chibok girls kidnapping and how the foreign community came to our aid? Have you ever wondered why they couldn't continue with their rescue mission? Think am. 
  3. Recently, there has been rumours of soldiers from the south been sent to the north to combat BH, (in the name of the northern soldiers refused to kill their brothers) only to meet their doom, because someone somewhere slipped the information of the attack to BH. So constantly,  the lives of southern soldiers are on the line and been lost while their northern counterparts are sent to the south. If a war on islamization broke out today, which group would be defenseless? Just saying.
  4. Talking about, notherners moving down south, ask Governor Adams Oshiomole to tell you the reason behind his decision to suddenly ban the use of bikes and 'keke' in Benin city. In every southern state, there have been large influx of northerners. The Mosque have also increased in number. Didn't we hear of the story where a trailer load of northeners entered an eastern state at night. Whatever their reasons are, entering any state enmass especially in the face of terrorism,  can be scary.
  5. Finally, consider the geopolitical zones in Nigeria, there are 3 in the north, (north-east, north-west & north-central). In the south, there are also 3 geopolitical zones, (south-east, south-west & south-south). However, have you noticed that we are more divided in the south than in the north? Divided by these same issues of religion and ethnicity. If it ever gets to islamization, will the souĆ„h-west stand with the south-east or will the south-south come together with the south-east? 
To summarize,
  1. We are divided along geopolitical lines
  2. Nigerian army is compromised 
  3. The southerner armies are been killied so no protection for the citizens in the souths.
  4. Large numbers of northerners trooping into the south
  5. BH has gained momentum.
Before I go though, I'd like to ask you 2 simple questions. 
  • Why didn't this issue of GMB islamizing the country come up in the 2011 elections? 
  • Why didn't he islamize the country when he had the chance to do so as the military head of state with absolute powers to do so. He didn't sign us under OIC, and he could have.
Think deep and vot wisely......

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