Friday, 23 January 2015


Hello everyone,

This week, I thought I was going to let politics lie but, stuff just keeps coming up everyday that makes it difficult to ignore. Everyone has heard of the Buhari's school certificate saga. We have also heard and seen different religious ministers parading themselves on TV and dishing out prophecies from the LORD like it was a hot pot of soup. I’ve decided to take these two topics together though they seem unrelated. However, they both bother on the Nigerian politics of today


Of note among the religions in Nigeria, the Christians have decided to take this particular election to new heights. And of these Christians, the pastors and priests. Notably, Rev. Fr. Mbaka of the Catholic denomination and more recently, Pastor from the Redeemed Christian Church of God. The new year ushered in one of the most broadcasted and widely shared (on social media and otherwise) catholic masses held in recent times. It was one in with Rev. Fr. Mbaka had so badly castigated president Jonathan after “endorsing him” as the next president of Nigeria weeks before when he was paid a visit by the first lady, Patience Dame. His outburst only brought attack on him by a few not so forgetful Nigerians.

Fast forward two weeks later (just a few days ago), and the Redeemed pastor is on the pulpit saying he got a revelation from God. He ended up dishing out reasons why Buhari shouldn’t be voted into power.

Honestly, these actions by men of God are embarrassing. It is not my place to judge any of them and if they have taken any bribes to see visions and prophecy; that is entirely their cup of tea. My problems are simply and as follows

  • Why are they getting different messages from my God (who I’m very sure doesn’t lie)
  • It is their right to have an opinion, it is also their to express themselves. But, please not in a way to try to influence their church members whom a large number of, may be uneducated.
  • I don’t see our Muslim Imams showing up on TV and airing their thoughts. It doesn't make them less of a person.  Don’t they have followers too?


My point here is very simple. We have mainly two candidates running for the position of the president of the country. One is a Ph.D holder, but is referred to as Nigerians most idiotic president by most people. His wife can barely make a sentence without some mistakes and she was awarded a B.Sc in Bayelsa University. The other candidate is a secondary school certificate holder which has been questionable from the entire certificate saga (up until yesterday when he produced one). The one I saw in a newspaper today, showed his 1960’s certificate with a 2014ish passport photograph on it, (and on the wrong part of the certificate too). No one know much about his wife except that she's beautiful. The citizens are mostly schooled (not educated), and mostly poor. So, now we have DUMB and DUMBER between the presidential candidates, (not sure who should be dumb or dumber). And we have the citizens as DUMBEST for allowing a constitution that states that a primary or secondary school certificate holder can be their counselor, local government chairman, governor and even president when they can’t land a proper job with only first degrees these days.

Are we still asking and wondering why we are in the dark ages with the rest of the world in 3010? Wise up Naija!



  1. Hi Kay,
    I like your caption - Dumb * Dumber * Dumbest.
    Now, the dumb is Jonathan, Buhari is Dumber and National Assembly is the Dumbest because they are ones with the responsibility of amending the constitution but they fail to do so.

    1. Doz, this your analysis is too funny and maybe you are correct too. Lolololol.....


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